The new single from the NYC band explores “identity, crisis, and the idea of rebirth


While the last year lacked novelty, experiences, adventure, human contact (I could go on), it did offer us one thing: plenty of time to ~reflect~.

To examine who we are, what we’re doing, what’s working… what really makes us happy—and what doesn’t. And along with those realizations, we’re presented with an opportunity: to reconsider, reevaluate, rebuild. And, in a sense, start over.

On that note, to wash away what was and prepare for what’s new, now and bound to be beautiful, I’m thrilled to present “Rain,” the gorgeous new single from NYC group Cocomofo!

While written pre-pandemic, the concepts that “Rain” explores feel perfectly timed for a new beginning in NYC as we slowly exit one era and move onto the next, while the tone appropriately honors the somber state that defined the world between the track’s recording a year and a half—basically a lifetime—ago and today, when we’ve (almost) reached that light at the end of the tunnel and can (finally) see hope on the horizon.

Ahead of the song’s release—it’s out everywhere tomorrow—the band sent over the following info on the song’s sound, themes and meaning over email:

“After a lush, piano-driven opening soundscape, the song opens up into a psychedelic blues soundtrack exploring the melancholic force of rain. Despite its acoustic bass and percussive sections harkening to compositional trademarks of old, ‘Rain’ tackles modern themes of our time – identity, crisis, and the idea of rebirth. Recorded as a one-take session in New York in late 2019, ‘Rain’ serves as a timely reminder that New York City’s live music scene is still very much alive and well, waiting to be reborn.”

“Rain” is the first single from the band’s forthcoming EP, 40 Meters Down, available for pre-order now! Check out the track and stay tuned for more Cocomofo—coming your way soon.


Follow Cocomofo at @cocomofonyc, buy their music on Bandcamp and get your stream on here.

Feature image provided by the band.

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