Fresh off the release of their brand-new single, “Neon Prayer,” the BK indie dance duo shares their go-to spots in the borough


The sonic dream team that is SupertasteHundreds Thousands + Slug Father—told us of their new single:

“We remember initially thinking of a Neon Prayer coming from one of those roadside churches with a neon cross – made to entice the sins or needs of any passerby. A neon prayer’s purpose is to hold you over, a temporary fix for when all you can focus on is what’s right in front of you.”

Then they were kind enough to fill in our Brooklyn blanks. Give “Neon Prayer” a spin now (dare u not 2 dance), and spend your day/night/weekend/summer (etc.) checking out a few of the pair’s fave places for pizza, piña coladas and coffee with a side of BK music culture—



Black Flamingo – Love the cramped, sweaty, wood-walled, minimal lighting, analog sound of this place… plus you can run upstairs and snag a mezcal & tacos at any point. 


Commodore – Dimly lit dive bar with the greatest chicken sandwich + piña colada combo this world has ever seen.


Foster Sundry – its too boujie for your casual bodega run, but if you want a good southern bacon egg & cheese biscuit & an iced coffee, this is your spot. 


Joe’s Pizza – People have plenty of opinions on NY pizza. They want to find the underground spot, the spot with the best Neapolitan pizza, the best toppings. We say stop right there bucko. There’s nothing like the original Joe’s NY pizza for the traditional NY style slice. There are lots of other interesting takes on pizza but if you want the original, simple style done perfectly, look no further than Joe’s.


The Lot Radio – the coffee is good, but the way that place functions as a cultural hub for the music scene in Brooklyn is amazing. Being able to go enjoy your favorite selector spinning an afternoon set out of a shipping container – with a coffee or beer in hand & surrounded by friends is just the best. 


Jefferson L. Great record stores and ramen.


The bodega on my corner. Our suggestion is to not overcomplicate breakfast in NY with involved brunches and mimosas. Snag that egg and cheese from the corner store and start your day.


McCarren Park – I don’t even know if this is the best one but it’s certainly where we spend the most time, so gotta show love here.


Win Son – simply the best. Truly one of the more unforgettable culinary experiences we’ve had in NYC. Leaning heavy on the traditional Taiwanese flavors, I’ve never left unsatisfied. 


RIP Human Head Records <3 – We really love Captured Tracks, they have a very well curated collection of every genre, some with brief notes sticky-noted to the sleeve to give a little more background. They also have a killer collection of memorabilia. 


A tall fresh juice or smoothie + a hefty Avo/Egg/Cheese sandwich + walk around town to watch the city wake up. 


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Feature image (provided by the band): Kenny Cousins

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