The new single from the Brooklyn rock duo is “part therapy, part confessional and part catharsis”—and a middle finger to the phonies


Sure, some good and very important things come in twos: chopsticks, kidneys, twinkies… the Olsen Twins, whom I accidentally spent 45 minutes googling at 2 a.m. the other night. But when it comes to personalities, two is not realllyyyy better than one. In relationships, humans value consistency. We don’t want a Two-Face, a Dr. Jekyll // Mr. Hyde… a sweetie in the streets, asshole in the sheets (?) (or, uh, something like that.)

But every once in a while, you encounter people like these, those for whom lies are a primarly language and faking it is a natural state. It’s precisely these types of unfortunate individuals that Gardenia bassist and vocalist Ryan Zakin and drummer Tamir Malik recently found themselves dealing with—and then, after finally getting fed up, moving on from and cutting off completely.

Beyond breaking off these relationships, the pair is also very prepared to call these perpetrators out on their shit, and as musicians, well, naturally they’re doing it in song form. With that, I’m stoked to share the new single the duo describes as “part therapy, part confessional, and part catharsis,” a song written after the band members found themselves “leaving relationships with people that acted very differently in public than in private.”

A day ahead of its release, this is “Two-Sided” from Gardenia.

This track follows “Therapy Sessions,” the band’s previous single, which also explored a kind of, shall we say, less-than-functional relationship. (Check out the video, which premiered on Bands do BK.) Ahead of the “Two-Sided” release, Ryan of Gardenia sent over his thoughts on the newest song, a gritty and energy-packed track that serves as a long-overdue release, a sonic screw you and a loud and rowdy airing of grievances.

“I can’t stand one-sided arguments, they’re literally the worst thing in the world! This song was really about me letting out all of the anger that comes with biting your tongue. Being the bigger person is important, but it definitely has a time and a place! This song is not one of those times.”

Gardenia’s new song is out everywhere tomorrow. We have a feeling you, and any/all of your other sides, will like it.


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Feature image provided by the band.

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