Following the release of their EP ‘Unstitching’–and ahead of two shows–the band shares their go-to spots in the Borough (and a little beyond)


Back in August, Brooklyn trio Creek and Kills released their EP Unstitching, a package of six of the band’s signature” wild siren songs from far reaches of an urban estuary”—and bassist/vocalist Kate Bell of the group shared a little background on the release with us over email:

“UNSTITCHING was recorded entirely in our homes from Spring 2020 to Spring 2021, a pandemic EP, no doubt.  I will forever be grateful to my bandmates, Marc and Erin, for sticking with me and our music during all of this. The music on this EP reflects the many emotions that we’ve been navigating since March 2020. We’re also very grateful to the many people who supported our fundraising efforts on Bandcamp during the pandemic. We released the singles “Unstitching,” “The Parade Now,” and “September 15″ over the past year and gave all of the music/merch sales profits to non-profit organizations doing work toward anti-racism (in the Twin Cities and NYC), gender justice, and reproductive rights. We hope to continue to use our music as a way to bring together projects featuring female-identifying/non-binary/queer musicians to build community and raise funds for non-profit orgs doing good work through live events in the next year.”

As for Erin Harney (drums and vocals): “”It helped me get through the last 18 months and I’m glad to be releasing it into the world!”

Fast-forward two months to October because time is a fast and terrifying thing, and in the next six days alone, you have two chances to soak up the band’s sweet songs liiiiiiiive: THIS THURSDAY at Mama Tried and at Kingsland on Monday, 10/18! As for planning more than a week in advance (get crazy!), the band is doing a recording session with Leesta Vall in February, and you can pre-order your one-of-a-kind vinyl here!

Along with their music, Kate, Erin and guitarist Marc Montgomery also shot over a few of their fave BK spots. To learn where you can find the gang hanging out offstage (+ some good breakfast recs, a cute bodega cat story and the almighty hangover cure), read on!



KATE: I love St. Vitus–have seen so many amazing bands there, and always have a good time. Market Hotel, too…watching the J train go by through that window behind the stage. That’s pretty visually stunning. And I love their mission, and that they still are all-ages. That is rare!

MARC: Lucky 13 Saloon

ERIN: Elsewhere


KATE: Black Rabbit is definitely a special bar for us…where we meet up before practice in Greenpoint, and the bar staff there are just lovely folx. And yep, Mama Tried in Sunset Park has a great backyard and they’re a really good music venue too…eclectic line-ups of bands and DJs. We love playing there.

MARC: Black Rabbit

ERIN: Mama Tried


KATE: Bad ass cats are definitely a plus. I once adopted the bodega cat from my corner bodega, I got so smitten with her. RIP, Lulu!

MARC: No preference as long as they have a bad ass cat.


KATE: My heart and stomach belong to the Grandma Pie from Casanova in Greenpoint.

MARC: Luigi’s (South Slope)


KATE: I’m trying to avoid coffee shops these days, make my own coffee at home.  Five dollars for a cup of coffee seems to be the norm now, and that’s nuts!  I mean, I get it that they have to charge that to pay the crazy retail rents, but oof. 

MARC: Daytime Cafe (Windsor Terrace)


KATE: I’m partial to Smith/9th on the G/F…watching the sunset behind the Statue of Liberty makes long waits for the G train a little sweeter.

MARC: Rockefeller Center

ERIN: Broadway Junction. Insane energy- someone is always screaming in there and it feels like I’ve time travelled.


KATE: Definitely some kind of eggs drowning in spicy salsa…love the Burrito Con Papa (no chorizo for me) from Vamos Al Tequila in G-pt.

MARC: Huevos Rancheros

ERIN: Rabbithole on Bedford Ave


KATE: McGolrick Park in G-pt feels like you’re somewhere in Europe. Maybe it’s the little pavilion thing with columns in the middle, I don’t know.  The trees in that park are so beautiful. All the other parks in G-pt have views of water, but I still love McGolrick the best.

MARC: Prospect Park

ERIN: Cooper Park


KATE:  I gotta give it up for Vamos Al Tequila again!  I will eat there for both brunch and dinner, in one day. I’ve done it, in fact. No shame! It’s so good! I’m so glad they made it through the pandemic. Go eat there and see what I mean!

MARC: Claro (Gowanus)

ERIN: Concord Hill


KATE: I really miss The Thing in G-pt.  More of a thrift store than a record store, but that basement full of records (in no given order) was so amazing to browse through. Hopefully they open up for shoppers again sometime soon…I’ll also give a shout out to Record Grouch!

MARC: Psychic Records (Park Slope)


KATE: Depends on the intensity of the hangover. If it’s a low-key hangover, then I’m with Marc. Go out for a run with my pup, and sweat it out. But if it’s serious, I’m way too much of a wimp. I’ll drink as much water as possible, pop an Aleve, probably I’ll have a Bloody Mary and a breakfast burrito and then go back to sleep. Bag hangovers suck. Woof. A reminder not to drink so freaking much.

MARC: Any workout that involves profuse sweating


KATE: All three of us are beach fans…we love Coney Island!!!  Long afternoons on the beach in front of the NY Aquarium…people-watching on the boardwalk from Ruby’s Bar there.  Also, I love getting out into the waters of Newtown Creek (and its Kills…) and the East River in a canoe…

MARC: Gumbo Brothers (Cobble Hill) – Go Saints!

ERIN: Nelly’s Flower Shop on Broadway


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Feature image (provided by the band): Kate Hoos

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