Before tonight’s live premiere, check out the brand-new vid for the bass-and-drums duo’s latest single about “the cynical look at a breakup in the rearview mirror”


“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Whether we’re talking Girl With the Dragon Tattoo or John Tucker Must Die, First Wives Club or Kill Bill… ya gotta love a story where a woman is on a mission for revenge—

Though some attempts are, of course, more successful than others.

In the new video for Gardenia’s “Therapy Sessions,” the female lead—distraught in the wake of a dumping by the group’s Ryan Zakin—hatches a plan to exact her revenge by seducing his bandmate, Tamir Malik…

Who is, shall we say, less than enthused.

The band is hosting a LIVE PREMIERE of the vid this evening, but you can watch it here first! Ahead of the drop, this is the brand-new video for “Therapy Sessions”:

Damn, I love that song. And for the record, a(n attempted) revenge story is even better when it involves an apartment concert.

In addition to the video, ahead of the song’s release last month, Gardenia sent over some background on the track itself:

“I think some people just go through the motions of a relationship without realizing that life outside of it doesn’t change that much,” Ryan (bass/vox) said. “That’s why I tired to make it clear in the lyrics as early as possible that things end just how they start, despite everything moving around and around and around!”

Whether you’re in the break-up or make-up or make-out or break-down stage in your own relationship, I suggest meeting in the chatbox during the Gardenia premiere TONIGHT for a real ~therapy session~ of sorts.

In the meantime, if you’ve recently done some dumping, remember to watch your back—and keep an eye on your bandmates.


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Tune in for the “Therapy Sessions” video TONIGHT on YouTube!

Feature image provided by the band.

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