The new single from the BK band is about trying to keep up with the Bushwick cool crowd and “an observation about fitting in by standing out”


Last we saw/heard job rockers Career Boy, they were offering advice in their video for “Scam Jam” —a song and video that started as a tongue-in-cheek “solution” to help starving artists cheat a fucked-up system and, in the midst of a pandemic, morphed into a very relevant set of instructions in song form, offering listeners a step-by-step guide for the nightmare that is applying for unemployment and health insurance in the state of New York. (It was also an appropriately admin-related tune for a self-dubbed “detail oriented and microsoft office proficient boy band.”)

Fast-forward a few months to September. We’re (mostly) back to work, bars are open, shows are back, and we’re less concerned about getting by and more concerned about lookin’ flyyyyyy.

Enter the band’s latest track. While still laced with satire, this one isn’t about figuring out the system but navigating the scene, and instead of taking aim at the man, pokes fun at the bois.

(Oh, and along with the on-point social commentary, it’s a pretty sick song, too.)

A day ahead of it’s official release—and, quite fittingly, a week after fellow BK band My Son the Doctor dropped their ode to skater punks in big pants—I’m super pumped to premiere “Size Up,” the new single from Career Boy!

Every part of me wants to copy and paste all the lyrics right into this window, but I’ll show some restraint, and instead just drop in like half:

Spend time at vinyl shop
CD too small to cop

Wake up in solid daze
Work hard and buy more things

Size Up (x4)

Big pants but show the waist
Moustache upon the face /More likes want online fame

Only drink double IPA
Skateboard over rollerblade

(Find it all here.)

Ahead of the single release (it’s out everywhere TOMORROW), Jake of the band sent over the following info on the track:

“’Size Up’” is a track dedicated to all my oversized clothing. On a personal level, it’s about trying to keep up with all my super cool looking Bushwick homies. On a more general level, it’s an observation about fitting in by standing out. 

It’s a different kind of song from what we’ve done in the past. Definitely groovier. Slightly mathy. Less rock for sure. With this one we kept it simple. Locked in the riff first and let the rest follow. Nice and cool—just like that fit ;)”

“Size Up” is the first of several singles the band will be dropping in coming months. Grab your XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL shirts/socks/jackets/pants/ponchos whatever, hit the streets in style and stay tuned for more. I don’t know what Career Boy is going to riff on or rip on next, but damn, I can’t wait to find out.


Follow Career Boy @careerboyy, snap up the song on Bandcamp and add it to all of your playlists on Spotify.

Feature image (provided by the band):Armaan Virani

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