The new single from the Brooklyn-based dream-rock band is “rooted in the importance of communication in a relationship”


According to a book written by Gary Chapman in 1992 (which, in ultra-horrifying news, was not like 10 but almost 30 years ago) there are five love languages with which people use to express their affection, adoration and commitment to ~their mate~:

  • Words of affirmation: Says “I loooooooooove you.”
  • Touch: Rubs your shoulder/face/feet/butt.
  • Acts of Service: Does your laundry… maybe your dental work.
  • Gifts: Buys you a Lamborghini. Or at least, like, a bagel.
  • Quality time: Date days. Date nights. An eternity together in a bunker once the apocalypse hits.

You get it.

The premise of the theory is that we each tend to “speak” some of these languages naturally, without being totally fluent in others, and that by better recognizing the one with which your ~lover~ uses, you can better understand each other.

And then, of course, there’s the sixth , which our dude Gary, god bless ’em, managed to miss: music. If you don’t want to share your feelings in words, chore, touch, time or flowers form, you can always express them via song instead.

It’s this theme of communication in a relationship that is being… well, communicated… via a very rad single from Mars Motel, which I’m stoked to share with you here! This is “Don’t Move On Yet.”

Out today, this follows Mars Motel’s 2019 album Passenger X. Ahead of the release, Sarik Kumar of the “intergalactic, sonic experience” shared some background on the track:

“’Don’t Move On Yet’ is rooted in the importance of communication in a relationship. A laborer is finally heading back home from work to the person they adore, but is constantly worrying their partner may leave them. In an ironic but melancholic self-dialogue, they contemplate how their partner tells them they work so much, yet also the reason why they push themselves in the workforce. He/She contemplates their future dialogue, but can’t help but repeat the core message: Don’t Move On Yet.”

The band will be celebrating the new track with a single release show at Mercury Lounge on Friday, September 17th (proof of vax required).

Come out and show the Brooklyn band and the new song some love using the language of your choosing…

Loud cheering and/or merch buying totally counts too.


Follow Mars Motel at @mars_motel, buy their music on Bandcamp and add their songs to your Spotify playlists!

Feature image, provided by the band: Andrew Segreti

Credits: music by Mars Motel // lyrics by Samuel Armen // produced, mixed & engineered by Matthew Maroulakos // mastered by Mike Piacentini // album Art: Vishnu Anantha

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