The new song from the Brooklyn band is an “ode to all the skate punks in tiny glasses and big pants”—and the first single off the forthcoming EP


Before we talk tunes, let’s turn to our internet source for all things modern, relevant and 100% fact-checked and universally agreed upon: Urban Dictionary.

UD’s kind contributors offer the following very objective definitions, explanations and insights for the term Zoomer:

  • “Most Zoomers are under the age of 16 but think they know everything because they made Tik Toks in their rich parents houses all day.”
  • “Zoomers are stupid but accepting. So they’re bad but not as trash as boomers. And they’re all kids so, in 10 years they might be much better.”
  • Or, in a sentence: “I can’t stand those Zoomers, all they do is use their phones all day to play Fortnite.”

Real modern-day Merriam-Webster shit. And let’s be real, it was probably a bunch of bitter millennials who wrote that.

NOW: Away from the ageism and onto the music! Whether you’re still rocking a side-part and remember the days of dial-up or you’re a Tik-Tok-in’, K-pop-in’ kid whose always had an iPhone and never had an awkward phase, you’ll love the new single from My Son The Doctor, one of my fave BK bands whose members describe themselves as ‘like Spoon, but younger and hotter.” (Does Gen Z know about Spoon? Uh, somethingsomethingsomething Olivia Rodrigo? Whatever, just listen.)

Almost exactly a year after the drop of their 2020 EP Dad Time and after a summer spent screaming and careening off the walls of venues, DIY spaces and homes across the borough during a non-stop (seriously) string of shows, the new-wave punk band’s brand-new single is out tomorrow and I couldn’t be more stoked to premiere it here and now—

From My Son The Doctor, this is “King of the Zoomers.”

This is the first single off the band’s forthcoming EP, and ahead of the release the band sent over some intel on the track, the process of making the record and how it all fits into their new song-writing strategy:

“In August 2020, we rented a house in rural Pennsylvania to record a new EP. Our engineer Ian McNally loaded all his gear into a Town & Country minivan we got from our neighbor and we spent a week tracking the EP and eating corn.

‘King of the Zoomers’ came out of what has been a conscious attempt to make songs hit harder and faster. Over the past year and a half we have been really trying to write the kind of tunes that end leaving you wanting more. The song is our ode to all the skate punks in tiny glasses and big pants, but also to Matt’s recently discarded skinny jeans.

It stands out from the rest of the EP because it was the last thing we wrote before quarantine, right when we really started the ‘don’t overstay your welcome’ songwriting mantra, and right before all of our practices and shows took an abrupt halt. ‘King of the Zoomers’ is the first single off our upcoming EP Taste Those Dreams, out Oct 8th. We hope it helps you add just a little bit of anticipation into these last few weeks of summer.”

Clocking in at 117 fun and grooooovy seconds, “King of the Zoomers”—like most of My Son the Doctor’s tracks—leaves you wanting more. And quite conveniently, you can get more TOMORROW when the band hits the stage at Rubulad with Dead Tooth and Moon Kissed—which between the on-stage aerobics of Brian (MSTD), the shakes and spasms of Zach Ellis (DT) and the floor-writhing of Khaya Cohen (MK) might just be the most energy-packed bill in Brooklyn.

Grab a ticket, call up the zoomers and boomers and everyone in between, and BYOBig pants—

This is gonna be a good one. I’ll catch you in the crowd.


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Feature image (provided by the band): Ian McNally

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