Filmed at hartstop and around BK, the rad new vid from the BK trio riffs on band culture, rips on the music front and features a gang of hyped-up & horny zombies


A while back, Charmaine, the drummer of Brooklyn trio Nevva (+ comedian, bartender and karaoke queen extraordinaire) posted about needing extras for a music video, with the important disclaimer that you must be ~okay~ with performing ~PDA~.

Now, I have to say, I’ve never seen a casting call I’ve been more pumped (and perfect) for. However, while I was amped for the opp to add the first entry to my BK IMDB page and 100% down to suck some potentially strange face FOR THE SAKE OF ART, sadly I wasn’t yet vaccinated. So this blog post is not, in fact, about my big break.

Instead, I’m dismissing my FOMO in favor of promo, because several months later, the video for “Boyfriend’s Band” is officially OUT, and I’m absolutely stoked to premiere it here!

“‘Boyfriend’s Band’ is the first song we ever wrote and it came from me and Charmaine cracking jokes about band culture,” Jenny Palumbo of Nevva told me over email. “We def want people to giggle but we also hope they dig the riff. The video shows our alter-egos trying to make it to a show but getting held up by a gang of make-out zombies. A classic occurrence…”

So, Night of the Living Dead, but Brooklyn. And make it sexy.

As musicians, Nevva are masters of combining sharp cultural commentary with comedy, packaging clever lyrics with often-hilarious hooks in a very sick sonic package. Along with “Boyfriend’s Band,” the group’s 2020 EP Fer Sher features songs like “Black Leggings” (“Don’t say I can’t wear ’em // Don’t say they’re not pants) and “Sober Vegan” (“Someone get this girl some ketamine // Someone get this girl a BLT”) and “White Boy Privilege Festival” (“Don’t take up // Take up two seats”).

In other words: they say—sing—what’s on their (+ maybe your) mind. In a way that, as a bonus, makes you really wanna headbang.

In addition to the story behind the song, Jenny also shared an exciting development on the format of Fer Sher, as well as some shoutouts to the Brooklyn people and places who helped make the band’s video vision a reality:

“We are pairing the release of this music video with the release of our first ever cassette tape! Our debut EP, Fer Sher, is available on cassette tape via Tapehead City HERE. This music video was directed and shot by Brendan McKnight. Filmed at hartstop courtesy of our friends Lily Rothman and Paris Andersen. The song was recorded and mixed by Rich Crescenti. Special thanks to the staff of Ice House and our buds for the makeout party that makes the video: Magan Mitgang, Spencer Nelson, Amelia Viner, Jimmy Roden, Matthew Keim, Caroline Yoder, Tess Michalik, Henri Wolfshoen.”

The band will be celebrating the tape release with a backyard show TONIGHT. Dodge the hoards of tongue-twisted Brooklynites to make it out + shake it out + maybe even makeout

Nevva is not your boyfriend’s band. They’re way, way better.


Follow Nevva at @nevvatheband, add them to your Spotify playlists and buy their music at!

Find the band’s favorite spots in Brooklyn here.

Feature image provided by the band.

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