After releasing their debut EP Fer Sher, the members of the BK trio—Molly, Charmaine and Jenny—share (some of) their top spots in BK


Best of Brooklyn is our newest profile format, and we’re stoked to be featuring Nevva, whose EP Fer Sher dropped on August 28th. We provided the prompts and the members of the band shot us their answers.


MOLLY: Baby’s All Right, Our Wicked Lady (specifically on the roof!), and El Cortez—all have really great sound and lighting. Honestly, at this point I’d be happy to play in an asbestos-filled basement venue, though.

CHARMAINE: Hart Stop. It’s an apartment in Bushwick run by really cool, kind and just wonderful people. It’s my favorite because house shows are the best! I grew up throwing a lot of house shows/art shows at my house back in Oakland and they were always a positive turnout of support and fun. Art is a way of communication so it’s nice to give an opportunity to share in a safe environment especially if it is your first time. I also enjoy the intimacy and feeling serenaded or headbanging til my neck breaks a foot away from the performers. It’s exhilarating. 

JENNY: Music Hall of Williamsburg or Our Wicked Lady rooftop


CHARMAINE: Our Wicked Lady because you’ll meet some really talented non pretentious folks you can talk music and passions with all night.  Also, Sunrise/Sunset because the food and drinks are always yummy and the bartenders play sweet music. Cozy vibes all the way.

JENNY: Our Wicked Lady


MOLLY: Any one that has a cat. This bodega on Grand St. in Williamsburg has the fattest cat I’ve ever seen. Also, there’s bodega near Montrose and Bushwick that sells guitar strings and picks, which is really handy when you need something last minute… or under quarantine when everything else was closed.

CHARMAINE: L-Mo’s because they have good foods and Mr. Kiwi’s bc its the classic all-night bodega and I love imagining how the staff is in a mafia or used to be so I feel safe when I’m alone and drunk buying more beer at 5am.

JENNY: L-Mo’s off Morgan L train stop 


MOLLY: Detroit pizza… because I’m from MI

CHARMAINE: Rome to Brooklyn

JENNY: Vinnie’s! Chicken parm slice!


MOLLY: Little Skips is so great. They’re a really important community space in addition to having top-notch drinks and food.

CHARMAINE: Skips has cute staff and pretty strong coffee. THINK COFFEE in the city is dank af.

JENNY: Partners


MOLLY: B116 Street on the A line—if I’m there then I’m going to the beach! 

CHARMAINE: Eh? Ok, maybe Delancey because the people busking are usually great to watch/hear.

JENNY: L train at 8th Ave.


MOLLY: Sesame bagel with cream cheese

CHARMAINE: I used to eat at Brooklyn Whiskers a ton but I don’t live as close anymore. Woe is me.

JENNY: Huevos rancheros from Bushwick’s Living Room!!!


MOLLY: Shirley Chisholm State Park is a new park that has rolling, grassy fields and serene views of the water. It’s a really nice place to go to get away from it all. 


JENNY: Cooper Park in East Williamsburg 


JENNY: El Born 


JENNY: Captured Tracks in Greenpoint 


MOLLY: Ginseng

CHARMAINE: Water, sleep, eat, repeat. 

JENNY: Bodega bacon egg ‘n’ cheese


Buy the EP at, follow Nevva at @nevvatheband and add their music to your Spotify playlists.

Feature image (provided by the band): Nicole Potosme

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