WHO: Public Nature

SEEKING: “Drummer to join signed NYC punk rock band”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “NYC punk rock band, we found our sound and then pow!! the virus hit.”

DETAILS: “We are Public Nature, a rock band from NYC. We are signed to a small label in Amsterdam, and we will be touring with Richie Ramone, Oct 26th – Nov 11th (15 gigs opening for him).

We are looking for a permanent drummer:

– Good-hearted person

– A writer of catchy, powerful, playful, and simple drum riffs

– Crazy obsessed with being tight

– Knows they will stay in the band for the long run.

If you can only be in for a couple of years, it won’t work. If drugs, family, marriage, work, or anything would interfere with lots of rehearsals and touring, it won’t work. Your priority should be to make it in music.

– Business-oriented person

To stress the idea, think of Nirvana, The Beatles, The White Stripes, The Strokes, and similar. In every song, drums are super simple and catchy and clever. No frills at all. You have to like a simple, powerful and catchy approach to composing.

You’ve seen us play, and you’ve seen our faces and names. Now we want to know about you. Please send links to videos, Instagram, etc.

Please check these links [below], and hopefully you like the music.”

LISTEN: On YouTube here and here

CONTACT: publicnaturemusic [@] gmail.com


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