WHO: Shelter Dogs

SEEKING: “Seeking keyboard/electric organ player. Harmony vox would be a real plus.”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “Powerpop/garage rock band, based in Brooklyn/Queens. We have two EPs under our belts and we’re working up songs for the third. The sound is always evolving/shifting, from the ’70s punk vibe we started out with, to the psych-pop mood we’ve been in recently, to the new wave redux/jangle-pop feel we’re moving toward. Three-minute pop songs with a driving beat are the consistent elements.”

DETAILS: “Looking for someone with a good melodic imagination, especially where counterpoint is concerned. We’ll want you to learn some of the older songs, but we’ll be getting into new material right away. Targeting two or so NYC shows per month (pre-pandemic pace) and occasional forays out into the Tristate area.”

LISTEN: On Bandcamp

CONTACT: “shelterdogstheband [at] gmail [dot] com or Insta (@shelterdogstheband)”


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