Check out the killer debut double drop from the quarantine band of best friends


While some people were makin’ quarantine babies, others were makin’ quarantine bands, and since there are no infants set to ~rock my world~ and shred on the Our Wicked Lady rooftop this summer, I gotta say I’m way, way more interested in the latter.

One such product of the pandemic is Tilden, a group of buddies turned bandmates who established the most creatively productive of pods and spent the last year writing and playing music on the sand and in the studio.

Upon discovering Tilden via Instagram, I recognized some familiar faces, and when I saw the band was set to do a double drop, I reached out immediately to call dibs. The two very rad tracks landed in my inbox this afternoon, and ahead of tomorrow’s release, the group—Jenna, Matt, Juju, Zach, Kallan—shared the Tilden origin story with me over email:

“We’re a quarantine band, Juju rallied us all up once we finally all emerged from being inside and we had this weird unspoken agreement to just hang out with each other and write music all the time. This was before any of the vaccines so we had to be super cautious. We’d pile in the van and go to beach write songs on the beach come back to our studio and just work them until we were all happy. We played with names for months and months we thought Tilden was the most suitable because thats where all our inspiration and songs ideas came from.”

This is the kind of band that makes me wish I was in a band: five friends whose hangouts don’t (just) result in hangovers, but in some damn good music as well. And I couldn’t be more stoked to share it.

Ahead of the tracks’ release tomorrow (and Tilden’s first show at OWL next Tuesday!), check out “Daddy’s Shoe” and “World on Fire”—exclusively on Bands do BK!


Tilden says: “‘Daddy’s Shoe’ lyrics were written in the hopes that we would get sponsored by a cowboy boot company so that we could move out West and buy a place, ride horses, and always have polished boots. We are still waiting on that sponsorship but have been horseback training and are ready to ride.”


Tilden says: “Nothing was really intentional about the song to begin with. The hook just came out during a jam and I went it. As it developed it became about living recklessly and without hesitation, which tends to be the opposite of how I do. I think the tone comes off as preachy in a way, but it’s also meant to convey an envy. I’d love to be more careless in that way.”

“Daddy’s Shoe” and “World on Fire” are out everywhere tomorrow! Pre-order the songs on Spotify via the link in the band’s bio, and meet me at the show next week. While I didn’t join a band in the last fifteen months, I did spend a lot of time alone in my apartment practicing my drinking and dancing, so you better believe I’ll be there doing that.


Follow Tilden at @tildennyc and grab your tickets to catch Tilden at Our Wicked Lady with Cameron Castan and Di Ivories on Tuesday, July 20th!

Feature image provided by the band.

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