WHO: Desert Sharks

SEEKING: “2nd Guitarist and back-up vocalist”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “Our sound has been described as Grunge/Gloom Punk. We’ve been playing together for quite a while and released a full-length album in 2019, as well as 3 EPs prior to that (currently we’re in the process of finishing up writing a new EP that we’re planning to record in early fall). Prior to the pandemic, we played 2 or 3 shows per month in the NYC area, and went out on tour once or twice per year. We practice Wednesday nights in Greenpoint.”

DETAILS: “Brooklyn band Desert Sharks are looking for a female identifying or non-binary person to join as a full-time second guitarist and back-up vocalist.

What we’re looking for: A second guitarist/backup vocalist who will learn our current songs for live shows and tours, as well as help write, record, and perform new material. We need someone who can commit to weekly practices, has a great attitude, and is willing to contribute to the growth of the band by assisting with booking and promotion.”

LISTEN: On Bandcamp

CONTACT: “If you’re interested, please send an email to desertsharksmusic [@] gmail.com with links to show examples of your playing.”


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