Following the release of their EP T2, the band drops a DIY music vid featuring both life’s most momentous and beautifully ordinary moments


As a wise man (Kramer) once said, “Here’s to feelin’ good all the time.”

But, you know, easier said that done. After all, not every day can be an 11 out of 10 on the good-shit spectrum. In fact, sometimes it’s even, like, a 0 out of 10. BUT! if the last year in particular has taught us anything, it’s to try and find the silver linings, even in the darkest of times—to not just wait for the momentous, obvious events to find joy but to truly appreciate the little things. After all, you only get one birthday per year, but you have 52 Fridays. There’s the big promotion, but there’s also the perfect peach. Along with falling in love, there are free refills. And yeah, sure, hot sex! But also, damn: hot showers.

In other words: Life is a medley of the amazing, the average, the occasionally awful and often the pretty damn good, and you’ve got to recognize and appreciate it all.

That, at least, is how I’m interpreting The ’94 Knicks‘ optimism-laced song “(note to self),” the first track on the band’s killer new EP T2. And according to the band’s guitarist + vocalist (and perhaps point guard) Mark V. Laura, we’re allowed to take whatever meaning we want away from it.

“The song is going to mean something different to each individual. I love that and wouldn’t want to take anything from that,” Mark told me over email. “With that said, our drummer on the record, Mr. Jesse Katz, put it best by [saying] ‘the song feels like a bruised little plant emerging after a long winter with all these scars but proud, strong and bright green. Love these guys and love playing with them. This is good energy music, bump it loud and be hopeful about the future! It’s not every day you might feel this good!'”

Now that we’ve intro’d the song, let’s talk about the video. Because following the EP, the team of musicians is releasing a stirring visual accompaniment to “(note to self),” and I’m beyond stoked to premiere it right here!

“It’s not every day I feel this good // Don’t let me down, don’t let me down…”

Beers, burning cop cars and beach trips with friends. Park strolls, popped champagne and protests as the epitome of patriotism. The video is a mix of footage featuring momentous and beautiful moments. It’s the personal and the political, people making jokes and taking action, a highlight reel that kicks off with the most important of victories before progressing to footage of small wins, individual milestones and beautifully ordinary afternoons featuring family and friends.

In other words: life.

“With the music video, it starts off capturing that moment at 11:30 AM, November 7th, when we heard that those 4 shit years of Trumpito were finally coming to an end.” Mark shared. “I was out on the streets and it seemed like everyone, young and old, was outside celebrating. I wanted to capture that grand party saying fuck you to that administration that did so much damage to our communities. For that day, for that moment it felt like the first wave of relief in a long time. It was an emotional day for me. Following the intro, I created a collage of visuals featuring those close in my life, living our lives.”

It’s a beautiful day to be alive. Check out the video now, listen to the band’s very rad EP and then go forth and find reasons big and small to feel—and, even better, do—good.

I’ll see you out there.


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Feature image provided by the band.

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