Watch the music visual for the NYC artist’s new song—a summation of his experience in a red flag-ridden romance


The concept of a bad romance is nothing new, and plenty of us have experienced relationships that were toxic—and not in the fun, red latex-wearing Britney Spears kind of way.

But while we can’t control the way we’re treated—and love lenses can be more powerful as beer goggles—we sometimes have the opportunity to learn some tough lessons and, through words and art, to tell our story on the other side.

With that, I’m thrilled to hand it off to incredibly talented Lowhency Pierre. The NYC artist’s new song “Losing” drops everywhere tomorrow and ahead of the release, he was kind enough to open up and share his own experience with me, as well as the very good music he later made out of it:

“‘Losing’ is the summation of my experience in a troubled romance, which in retrospect, had red flags from the very start. In the beginning, the love was possessive and affectionate, and having never experienced that type of love before, felt romantic and made me finally feel wanted by someone else. This kind of love, however, quickly took a turn — the insecurity, that was masked as possessiveness, as well as the high expectations placed onto me to be the perfect lover, sent me on a downward spiral where I constantly grappled with my self worth and identity. Thankfully, tucked away, I had the mental capacity to find clarity and strength by recognizing my value and setting myself free from that negative and toxic relationship.”

Along with his story, Lowhency also sent over the music visual—a stunning piece of work for which the artist expanded mediums to express himself via dance, which I’m incredibly honored to premiere here!

Over email, Lowhency told me about the efforts and influences that went into the making of the video, as well as his plans to experiment more with this new art form in the future:

“For the music visual, I was inspired by the art form of dance and natural human body movements. Some years ago, I discovered choreo-cinema films such as the Study In Choreography for Camera (1945) by Maya Deren, and choreographed by Talley Beatty, and Cloud Dance (1980) by Robyn Brentano and Andrew Horn; choreographed by Andy de Groat, and was instantly captivated. I wanted to challenge and explore new areas of my body to express myself beyond writing and singing. 

I teamed up with my longtime collaborator, choreographer and director, Barby Beauvais, to share my vision, and we began training for two months on steps and movements that conveyed the concept of the song. She created the choreography piece-by-piece to showcase reflection, frustration, vulnerability and peacefulness. Together, we flushed out the arrangement, and combined the sequences to make a full routine. Though it’s one of the hardest things I’ve done, I will continue my journey and growth through dance.”

Be sure to listen to, and share, “Losing” when it drops tomorrow. And next time any of us are in a relationship we need to end—or we’re trying to get over one that just did—may we be inspired by Lowhency’s movement as we do our best to intentionally, and gracefully, move on.


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Feature image provided by the artist.

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