Horse & Wells


The NYC twang gang’s gorgeous self-titled EP explores contentment versus complacency and the need to get out of your comfort zone—mentally and physically


My library can be divided into two types of books: the kind I buy to carry under my arm, ~70% just for the street cred, in hopes that some hot dude on the sidewalk will use it as a conversation starter (ASK ME ABOUT MY INFINITE JEST!) andddd the self-help shit I read strictly on my Kindle (You Are a Badass; Just Send the Text; ugh, I’m not even kidding—plz kill me), usually while wearing sunglasses and a hat for extra incognito action.

But while self-improvement def isn’t the ~sexiest~ genre, there is *occasionally* something worthwhile to be gleaned from the words of these modern-day gurus. SO to save you the total embarrassment involved in this kind of purchase—and approx $12.99, you are welcome—I’ll reveal + paraphrase one of the common themes that appears across almost all of these books, whether the author claims to offer advice for your career, your dating life or anything in between:

To grow—here’s the bad news—you’ve got to get the hell out of your comfort zone.

And WITH THAT, because you’re here for art, not advice (and this isn’t Brené Brown does Brooklyn!), we’ve arrived at our segue to the sonic. Because it’s this very concept—that staying put is staying stagnant and to experience growth, you’ve got to choose change—that is explored + expressed in fucking gorgeous fashion by NYC band Horse & Wells in their absolutely excellent self-titled EP, which I could not be more thrilled to premiere here!

When Horse & Wells EP landed in my inbox, it was described as “twangy emo-country” (a seemingly strange combo until you remember country is pretty much the original emo), and besides passing along that pitch-perfect description, the best way I can explain the EP—which is packed with poetic lyrics—is that it’s the ideal soundtrack for some fresh-air reflection (i.e. it makes you want to walk and ponder and feel some feelings… like, in the woods by a river somewhere).

More simply—if not specifically—put, the five-track EP is just beautiful, and ahead of the premiere, Steven Falco of the band (// my new spiritual guide?!) shared some background on the record’s thoughtful themes and the way they really seem to resonate right now:

“I think a lot of this EP is about contrasting the themes of physical travel and movement with ideas about the mental complacency that can come from staying in one place too long. It sort of centers on coming to terms with the notion that the place where you’re most comfortable may not be the place that’s best for your own growth and development. And the last year or so has brought that concept into sharper relief for us.”

The Horse & Wells EP—consisting of “Halloween” (the single), “Wildflowers,” “Joshua Tree,” “Going” and “Outro”—is out everywhere tomorrow via Ghostie Recordings.

So that $12.99 I saved you earlier? Well, now you know exactly what to spend it on.


Follow the band at @horseandwells, grab the EP on Bandcamp and add the band to your Spotify playlists now!

Feature image (provided by the band): Nat Sparaccio

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