Filmed in one afternoon, the Brooklyn folk-rock’s video is a fun and funky visual vacation (and we’re packing our bags right now)


Having spent the last ten months complaining about this quite cursed year, it’s about time we all start glass-half-fulling it and focus on the seriously good things 2020 has given us.

Exhibit A: Blue Yonder, a Brooklyn-based folk-rock band that came together in 2020 when NYC singer-songwriter Lena Fjortoft + musician/producer DJ O’loane (of Dale Jr., Otra Vez, Should’ve) joined musical forces and released “Seeking Sophrosyne” which was featured on the Spirit Lust Compilation back in May.

After its initial inception, the duo has since turned trio, adding Dalton Patton (also of Should’ve, plus Bat Kid and Deathdealer) as drummer and releasing a record—Ladies of the Night—via Spirit Lust back in September, and now we’re stoked to share the band’s newest creation, the delightful music video for “Nature Calls”—which I’m thrilled to premiere right here!


In the video, the ring of a (landline!) phone and a subsequent timeshare offer transform a casual couch hang into a into a dinner party // dance party // groovy rooftop romp as the band goes down an Alice and Wonderland-esque rabbit hole via plastic beach bucket and proceeds to eat, drink and be merry (plus play music, obviously).

Over email and ahead of the premiere, the band gave me the behind-the-scenes scoop on the making of the fun and funky film (and the consequences of that classic NYC noise pollution):

“We filmed the video at our friend Carson’s aka Garcon No.1 house in one afternoon. While filming there was a birthday party with a Mariachi band playing in the backyard. We had a full skits and live audio but couldn’t use it all unfortunately because of the mariachi band bleeding into our audio.”

It doesn’t get more New York than that.

Based on the rooftop hangs featured in the video, it’s not surprising to hear that the band’s IRL Brooklyn go-to spot is one of these open-air, high-altitude spaces as well:

“Our favorite place has become DJ’s roof. Unfortunately COVID has made it hard for us to truly enjoy Brooklyn but DJ’s roof has been a place where we can meet up and hang out with each other and friends while being able to properly socially distance ourselves and keep each other safe and healthy. Also not a bad view of the city and DJ’s neighbors have trained messenger pigeons that’s always fun to watch!”

Okay, but for real this time: It doesn’t get more New York than that.

Consider this your landline call, and join me today in embarking on a virtual visual location via the video for “Nature Calls”—

Bonus points if you watch it on a rooftop.


Follow Blue Yonder at @blueyonder4evr, grab Ladies Of The Nights at and add the band to your Spotify playlists now.

Feature image provided by the band.

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