ahead of the Friday release, we’re stoked to share the two-track debut from Brooklyn’s new dream team


Jordan! Pippin! Rodman! Those other guys!

Not since the ’95 Bulls has their been another, um, ’95 Bulls…

Until now.

Ashenden. Asbell. Bodo. Butler. Inkley.

Your new prob-soon-to-be-sued all-star team features key players from Ashjesus, Bipolar, Jelly Kelly, The Mystery Lights and Smock, and while I can’t speak for their dunking or dribbling prowess (and their height is prob sliiiightly less than the NBA average), I’m willing to bet the five-piece is having ~500% more fun than any band in Brooklyn—whether they’re tearing it up and exchanging kisses onstage or cruising around Brooklyn in Barbie jeeps and leaving clouds of cigarette smoke in their wake.

(By the way, if you haven’t seen the “Crazy’ video, that’s your cue. Come for the music, stay for the dudes in crop tops + the Space Jam-style slam dunk.)

Super soakers, kiddie corvettes and the rest of the Walmart toy aisle aside, while the quarantine-born band—“conceived like a big angry baby” at Our Wicked Lady—might have started as a drunk idea (PURE CONJECTURE) or just a group of friends fucking around, you can’t fight talent, and the music the group is making is definitely ~no joke~.

With that, I’m as hyped as a Bulls fan back in ’95 to premiere the band’s killer two-track debut, which is perfect for ballin’, brawlin’ and whatever else you’re doing in between—

This is




“We’re finally off the bench and ready to start the season,” the band o’ Bulls told me over email this week. “These songs are a lot about being pent up during quarantine.”

… I think we can all relate.

Turn ’em up, trash your apartment, and then hop on your mini motorcycle and zoom on over (at a hot 2.5 mph) to OWL to celebrate your fave squad (a hot 2/5 of which works there) with some shots…

Michael Jordan took 24,537 of them, after all—I’m pretty sure he’d approve.


Folllow 95 Bulls at @95bullsnyc, find their NSFW Brooklyn picks here and stay tuned for the tracks’ wide release tomorrow!

Feature image (provided by the band): Tyler Bertram

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