The latest DIY vid from the Brooklyn bass-and-drums duo is a fast and freaky horror flick featuring a fanged hitchhiker


Jake and Matt Derting—aka Venus Twins—have had a crazy couple months, playing shows on the Elsewhere rooftop (kind of!), in Cowboys Stadium (sort of!) and at LA’s The Smell (-ishhhh).

Along with that sweet, sweet green-screen “live”-stream action, the Brooklyn band has been taking a more cinematic approach with their on-camera antics, embarking on the very ambitious mission to make a music video for each of the songs on their newest record, Eat Your Dogs

Including, most recently, a fun-size horror flick for the sixth track, “Veins,” which I’m super thrilled to premiere right here!

The black and white (and red) Sin City-inspired video features the two brothers pulling their car over to pick up a hitchhiking vampire and then—as one would imagine—paying the pretty bloody price.

And it all goes down in ~80 seconds.

A loud, fast and freaky ride, the video perfectly encapsulates both the duo’s DIY style + the balls-to-the-wall approach they take to their music, which has been beautifully described—sadly not by me—as both “sonic mindfuckery” and “a brutal assault to the ears.” (Look no further than the dude plugging his ears in the background of the image above.)

Ahead of today’s premiere, the Twins shared a little bit about the filming of the video, for which they enlisted a little acting help from their fam:

“’Veins’ pointed us towards making an old horror film/Halloween vibe,” Jake and Matt told me over email. “It was a lot of fun to make, but drenching our little brother in fake blood and having him walk down the side of the road late at night was a little scary, haha.”

(There’s a blood brothers joke there somewhere…)

Check out the video for “Veins” above, find more killer vids from the bass-and-drums duo on the Venus Twins YouTube channel, and stay tuned for more killer content coming soon as Jake, Matt and their camera continue to work their way through the record—

Oh, and whenever you happen to see the band next—whether it’s IRL or “at MSG”—do yourself a favor: don’t forget your ear plugs.


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Feature image (provided by the band):  @prrplnrrpl + @grainyardz 

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