The new video for the Brooklyn “blue pop” artist’s latest single features a happy-go-(un)lucky hero taking his missteps and misfortunes in stride


You know those days.

You sleep through your alarm. You forget your wallet. You step in a particularly gross puddle in Midtown and then have no choice but to roll up your pant leg and saw the entire limb off, 127 Hours-style.

When it rains, it pours after all—and, hell… it’s usually on the days when you’ve forgotten your umbrella.

But despite life’s ups and downs, it’s important to remember that there’s real power in perspective. And with that, I’d like to introduce you to an excellent source of inspiration for this ever-important endeavor: the humble hero in the music video for Arlo Indigo‘s newest song, “The Best”— which I’m absolutely thrilled to premiere right here!

In the undeniably delightful video for “The Best” (which is practically a pep talk through song), our resilient protagonist rolls with the punches as he encounters inconveniences both relatable and ridiculous—from falls to fails, missed trains to mustard stains—and moves on with a shrug, a grin and a “well, what can ya do?” attitude.

Last week, leading up to the release, the talented Portland-turned-Brooklyn-based artist—who plays the role of the clumsy and endearing main character—filled me in on the making of the video, as well as the inspiration for the storyline:

“‘The Best’ is a tune written in and about Covid-19 lockdown about being kind to yourself despite being forced to live through a difficult, and at times, surreal period of history. Shot cautiously in Bushwick last summer, we wanted the theme to be something along the lines of: Arlo Indigo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and see how often we could knock down our fictional/non-fictional character that takes in all the bad luck with a smile.”

While I’ve yet to have a bucket of water balloons dumped out of a window and onto my head—and while a puppet has certainly never stolen my cigarette (yet!)if ever there’s a day when that happens… or, more realistically, when I lock myself out of my apartment, trip on the subway steps or lose my debit card for the 400th time… I’ll try to take a note from ultimate optimist Arlo Indigo and take those casual setbacks in stride….

And then maybe end the day in the most fitting, Arlo-inspired way: by diving face-first into a birthday cake, of course.


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Video + feature image (provided by the artist): Tyler Bertram

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