The new video from the brooklyn artist is an unofficial dance party celebrating life’s more mundane moments, featuring video footage captured in NYC, mexico city and all the spaces in between


At this point, it feels predictable, redundant and a little painful to kick off each and every post by acknowledging the weird world in which we’re existing right now, but THAT’S CONTEXT, BABY—and honestly it feels pretty impossible to ignore the setting in which all art is being created. (Plus sometimes, in a kinda strange way, it actually makes you appreciate the little things a little bit more.)

With that, enter the new music video for Steele FC‘s incredibly catchy track “Save Room,” which simultaneously recognizes and rebels against our insane reality by shining a light on the true beauty of the ordinary.

Taxis, first kisses and fireworks; beaches, road trips and street scenes; hand holding, flags flagging and tails wagging; sun, storms, blue skies and beyond…

In the brand-new video for “Save Room,” diverse scenes starring laughing, life-living and life-loving friends and strangers are interwoven with footage featuring various iterations of Steele himself—yellow anoraked and guitar playing, pink capped and highway cruising, black sweatsuited and solo dancing—plus takes of the artist framed in the all-too-familiar iPhone frame that has served as the primary setting for, um, the majority of most of our human interactions over the last few months.

Over email, Steele FC—who has undergone multiple name changes (one the subject of a minor legal battle) before landing on a moniker that reflects both his identity and his love for football—filled me in on the video, a long-distance collaboration between the artist and his soccer teammate Jules Muir, who moved to Mexico City back in March.

“Isolation and loneliness are an integral part of humanity. It makes simple moments of togetherness and the monotony of daily life very worthwhile and beautiful. That is why I love to watch candid street footage and photography so much. I am very grateful Jules was able to capture these types of moments both in NYC and Mexico City and all the spaces in between. The mundane feels extra special right now in this bizarro universe we’re stuck in. Life is a gift, and it is so important to celebrate it! Also, forget where you are every once in a while and dance freely!”

Dance away, babes. And this weekend, let’s all take a moment to take a break and embrace the (extra)ordinary.


Follow Steel FC at @steele.fc, check out his YouTube channel and add him to your Spotify playlists now.

Feature image (provided by the artist): Ben Rayner

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