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The Bushwick-based artist shares his favorite spots for draft cocktails, beers and the best banh-mi in Brooklyn


Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC)

I’ve been in Bushwick for something like six years now… as soon as KCBC opened, me and my friends started always going here.

I feel like I’ve lived in three spots in Bushwick but always around the same area, and KCBC has been a staple of a friend hangout. Like there was one year everybody had their birthday party here. It has games, it has beers, it’s great.

381 Troutman St, (929) 234-6557,

Yours Sincerely

Yours Sincerely is another spot. It was pretty much diagonal from the place I lived for four years. It’s draft cocktails, which can turn some people off, but they’re pretty good, and their happy hour is like $5 for a margarita, so yeah — I don’t give a fuck, this is great. Their El Nino is good… everything is good there.

41 Wilson Ave,

Interboro Spirits & Ales

It’s kind of a trek, it’s kind of no man’s land, but I love it. It’s so chill. On the weekends, you don’t get that whole Jefferson L crowd. It’s also near my practice space, so it’s a good one. I usually start with a pilsner here.

942 Grand St, (877) 843-6545,

Nam Nam

Nam Nam is the best Vietnamese banh-mi in the city, in my opinion. They’re cheap, like they should be, and they’re so good. They do two things: banh mi or noodles. Either/or,  it’s fucking great.

My old producer used to live right next to there — we were also in the same band together.

We started going there so much. Then my friend moved and we ordered takeout from there and the guy came through like, ‘Oh shit, this is where you guys are now.“ Like okay, we’ve been eating too much of this. But they’re great. 

109 Montrose Ave, (718) 302-9200,


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Feature image: Ben Curry

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]

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