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The singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist shares his picks for the most romantic park, tastiest Chinese and more


Baby’s All Right

When I first moved to New York, I moved not too far from here, and within that first year, this was opening. It was the coolest spot to play, and hard to play — at least, it felt that way. So I think it was a goal to achieve as a local band. I eventually headlined here… that was special. That really feels good when you’re pursuing a certain venue for a while.

146 Broadway, (718) 599-5800, babysallright.com

Grand Ferry Park

You’ll see it in movies. It’s the most romantic setting, it’s amazing. You’re under the Williamsburg Bridge, so you can kind of see along the East River. You’re seeing Uptown, you’re seeing the skyline of Midtown, you can kinda see the Manhattan Bridge. And one of the coolest venues, that’s gone now, called Glasslands … that was a great venue, right on Kent. I just remember playing there, and you’re killing time, so you walk over and chill. It’s this cute little rocky park… it’s so awesome. Just good memories there.

Grand St & River St, nycgovparks.org/parks/grand-ferry-park

Kings County Imperial

I’m definitely an experience-a-city-via-food kinda person. 

I went to this absolutely incredible spot [Decoy] in the West Village, and it was a great experience with my girl. We sat at the bar for dinner and spoke to the bartender — one of these super personal, great bartenders — and were asking him, “Where would you go for great Chinese food outside of standard Chinatown staples.” He recommended that spot. I finally got over there and it’s unbelievable. It’s a hip spot with good cocktails and a good environment but seriously good Chinese food. And not super expensive, but not hole-in-the-wall, so it makes for an interesting experience.

20 Skillman Ave, (718) 610-2000, kingscoimperial.com

The Lot Radio

Amazing in the summer. It’s an open, fenced-in lot and they have a trailer with DJs booked throughout the entire day, every day. Inside they have a proper studio, and they project [the music] out. It’s so cool on a June day or something. You’re just chilling there, you can buy bottles of wine, you can buy beers… whatever. [And] if you just pull up the website and listen at any given time, it’s probably just really good shit that often is going to expose you to stuff you never heard.

17 Nassau Ave, thelotradio.com


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Feature image: Ben Curry

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]

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