Bring your dog to 101 Wilson

EDDIE: “I had taken Thunder [Eddie and George’s dog and the unofficial fifth member of Color Tongue] to 101 on a Friday, and a couple days later it was 4th of July. He has severe anxiety, and we were all hanging out and Kevin was going to meet us at 101. We took Thunder for a walk to try and get him to chill out, and he beelined right for 101 — like, okay, if i have to be out in the real world, I’m gonna go there. He went there for safety.”

GEORGE: “He just pulled the whole way.”

EDDIE: “He’s buddies with all the bartenders there — they all know him. That bar’s great.”

Color Tongue

101 Wilson Ave,  (718) 497-1098,

Build your band at The Anchored Inn

JAKE: “I got dibs on starting this one off. The burgers are the best.”
CONNOR JONES: “The burgers ARE the best.⁣⁣”
JAKE: “This place is cool. This is where we all kind of met, too. At least for me.⁣⁣”
CONNOR: “It’s been a big starting point to a lot of nights, because our practice space is right down the street. And ending points, on that note.⁣”
WILL THOMPSON: “When we were coming up with the new band concept… that’s why this place is important.⁣⁣”
JAKE: “Yella Belly was created…⁣”⁣
CONNOR: “Sitting at those booths.⁣⁣”
WILL: “Connor and I were in this band called Elliot & Ghost, and Jake was drumming for us towards the end, and we all kind of knew we were going in different directions and maybe we wanted to do another band…⁣⁣
The last Elliot & the Ghost show, we had an after-party here, and I remember talking to Steve [Vannelli]— he’s the keyboardist — we were talking about making a new band, and Steve immediately stopped everything and was like, ‘If y’all are doing anything, I want to be a part of it.’⁣⁣”
CONNOR: “That’s true. We did make all the decisions about this band in here. We decided whether to include this kid [Jack] in here after he auditioned. It was a pretty easy decision.⁣⁣”
WILL: “I was like, he’s really f—king good.”⁣
JAKE: “Jack is by far and away…decent at his job. Nah, he’s the best musician in our band, but don’t tell anyone. Off the record, he’s by far and away… better looking than all of us.⁣⁣”
JACK MCLOUGHLIN: “Now that I agree with.⁣⁣”

Yella Belly

57 Waterbury St, (718) 576-3297,

Enjoy the element of surprise at Birdy’s

“I really like Birdy’s in Bushwick. You just really don’t know what you’re going to get. Depending on the day, depending on the time of day — sometimes I’ve gone there and read a book in a casual fashion, and sometimes you go in and it’s packed to the gills with people, like, in gowns. You just never know.” – Lizzie No

1215 Myrtle Ave, (347) 365-2677,

Celebrate birthdays with burgers at BK Jani

JASON: “The best burger I’ve had in my entire life.”

MATT:  “I’ll second that. We both had our birthdays there multiple years running there. The owner, Sibte, had one of Jason’s drawings behind the counter.”


MATT: “All you need to know is it’s the best burger you’ll ever have… and the fries.”

Wet Leather

276 Knickerbocker Ave, (347) 460-5110,

Meet and eat at Brooklyn Natural

“Look, we know Brooklyn is chock-full of bodegas turned overpriced organic food shops, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this place because the employees are among some of the best people we’ve met in Brooklyn. They’re all magnificent people with very interesting backstories if you can find a moment to chat with them between customers.

The grill there is also excellent and open late. A few sandwiches we recommend: the Mexican with pesto for a quick evening munch or the 49 Bogart with a fried egg for a bangin’ hangover cure.” – Bandits on the Run

49 Bogart St #1, (718) 381-0650

Feast sans silverware at Bunna

“This is a place I came to before I actually moved to New York. I’ve been vegan for a pretty long time. So one time I came out here to do a show, and I was staying in Midtown and I was looking for vegan restaurants, and this one was highly recommended even though it was all the way in Bushwick. ⁣⁣
I just remember this place being phenomenal. It’s just delicious food… really spicy and flavorful and unique. And then tell me why, when we moved here—this was one of my favorite restaurants in New York before I moved here—I realized, oh snap, this is around the corner. So now we just come here all the time.”⁣⁣ – Julian Xtra

1084 Flushing Ave, (347) 295-2227,

Play pool (while drinking $2 drafts) at Carmelo’s

“Carmelo’s is a cool spot. It’s small but i doesn’t feel small at all because it has a very high ceiling. And there’s a second floor that you hang out and there’s pool tables and you look down at the bar…

Everything’s lit kind of red and orange. It feels like a New Orleans-y kinda vibe. I’ve been there two times now, three times, and it’s been really nice.” – Sean of Deaf Poets

1544 Dekalb Ave

Crash Wet Leather’s band meetings at The Cobra Club

MATT:  I used to work there. That place has been in the family for a very long time. I met Barry there. We all selected that moment — when Barry came in and played with us for the first time, it really felt like we had a band. It all happened at Cobra Club. Our first show was at Cobra Club. And that’s where the band meetings happen — when Barry’s working. During the slow hours, we drop in on him and drink coffee and talk. –Wet Leather

6 Wyckoff Ave, (917) 719-1138,

Attack your to-do list + get your caffeine fix at Dweebs

“I’m a creature of habit, so my first order of business in any new place is to find a cafe where I can feel at home. If you’re here in this town on your own and from a strange land, it can get lonely, but it’s nice to be around other people working independently. Together, alone, y’know? Anyways, I’ve been putting in the hard yards to endear myself to the baristas, but [recently] I knocked over a potted plant so I’m probably starting back at square one. Great place, great vibe. An ideal spot to stare at your to-do list and occasionally cross things off it.” – Jeremy Neale

1434 Dekalb Ave, (347) 413-5272,

For retail therapy, hit Friends NYC

“If i’m looking for something fun to wear, an accessory to lift my spirits, or a cute little gift to give a friend, Friends is one of the cutest spots in Bushwick to hit up. It’s a mix of second-hand and brand pieces. You can find really original things here, and the staff is super down to help you find cool looks.” – Raycee Jones

56 Bogart Street (ground floor), (718) 386-6279,

Thrift and gift at Green Village

“I’ve lived in a few neighborhoods in BK over the past 8 years, but I’ve resided in Bushwick the longest. Green Village is this crazy second-hand store, with items piled high. Dressers stacked on dressers, old pots in a basket, #1 GRANDPA coffee cups on shelves from somebody you’ll never meet’s grandpa. Sometimes I go just to look, but I definitely have decorated a lot of my home with their quirky items.” – Raycee Jones

2610, 276 Starr St, (718) 456-8844,

Get your drink (and UNO) on at Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC)

“I’ve been in Bushwick for something like six years now… as soon as KCBC opened, me and my friends started always going here. I feel like I’ve lived in three spots in Bushwick but always around the same area, and KCBC has been a staple of a friend hangout. Like there was one year everybody had their birthday party here. It has games, it has beers, it’s great.” – Cape Francis

381 Troutman St, (929) 234-6557,

Spend the morning after at Knickerbocker Bagel

“Fresh bagels, dank cream cheeses and even better sandwiches. The line is worth every bit of the wait. Hangover = cured.” – The Misters

367 Knickerbocker Ave, (718) 709-8888

Conquer your hangover at Los Hermanos

“If you need to cure that hangover, my hands down favorite spot for life-support food is [Tortilleria Mexicana] Los Hermanos in Bushwick, right by Maria Hernandez park. It’s a tortilla factory and a BYOB sit-down spot for some seriously delish Mexican food. My order is two (three if I’m famished) chicken tacos with extra salsa verde.” – Tanners

271 Starr St, (718) 456-3422

Get the real NYC music experience at Market Hotel

SEAN: “That’s like the most DIY but cool spot. They don’t have a liquor license, so they’re giving free beer in the back…”

NICO: “Why are you ratting people out, bro?”

SEAN: “Nah, that’s legal. But it was so sick every time. I went with Jared, a good friend of ours, we saw some good bands there, local shows. The freaking subway is in the background. You can’t get more New York than that experience in terms of a venue. It’s so cool.”

NICO: “I was fortunate I was able to play that venue a few times. That was one of the venues when I first moved up that I played it, I’m like, holy shit, this feels like I’m in New York City, because exactly what you said—the window and the train going by. It’s a cool spot, you know.”

Deaf Poets

1140 Myrtle Ave, (914) 893-2843,

Hang loose + feel the freedom at Maria Hernandez Park

“Maybe you can’t sit and work at Dweebs on this particular day. Maybe it’s sunny and you’ve opted instead for a takeaway cold brew from Molasses Books and you wanna be amongst nature. I get that. I’m a real nature guy. This park has it all. Trees? Check. Music? Sometimes. People skateboarding? 40% of the time. Sunshine? That’s entirely dependent on the weather, but I found an app on my phone that will attempt to let you know if it’s gonna be sunny, cloudy or rainy. DM me for more info.” – Jeremy Neale

” I like the park a lot — it reminds me of when I’m not working.

When I was an intern for a production company and first came to the city, I remember going to Tompkins Square Park and walking around, and I would always look at people people running or at the dog park or playing at the guitar. And I would be like, what the fuck do you do where you don’t have to be at work wanting to kill yourself at 11 o’clock, and it’s Tuesday, and you don’t think any of this is worth it.

Now I’m freelance, and I get a month or two off in between when I’m finding gigs. I get to walk Thunder more, and I get to go for a run and I get to go actually get sun on my skin, which people in New York don’t often get to do.

Every time I’m [at the park], it’s when I’m not working, and that’s when I’m happy.” – Eddie of Color Tongue

“Maria Hernandez Park because I always run into a friend or some random person will talk to you there even if I’m just walking alone.” – Bat Kid

“I love Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick! It’s right near my favorite hangouts Brooklyn Kava and Misfit Kava Bar. On a nice day you can grab a street sandwich and a drink and chill out. It’s always full of life and people hanging out, playing sports, and enjoying themselves. It’s the first place I ever rode a skateboard. Could barely stand up on it without falling but I got obsessed with getting better. Small but great park.”⁣ – Eric Benoit

Knickerbocker Ave & Starr St,

Enjoy books with booze at Molasses Books

“My secret shame is that I don’t read books, but nobody has to know that, and, as the great Zoolander, once said “Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don’t play their game!” But also, great selection of pre-loved books if you do read, friendly staff and they’re also a bar, which is very helpful for all those times when you go too far up caffeine mountain. (Every. Single. Day.)” – Jeremy Neale

770 Hart St,

Score Brooklyn’s best banh mi at Nam Nam

“Nam Nam is the best Vietnamese banh-mi in the city, in my opinion. They’re cheap, like they should be, and they’re so good. They do two things: banh mi or noodles. Either/or,  it’s fucking great. My old producer used to live right next to there — we were also in the same band together. We started going there so much. Then my friend moved and we ordered takeout from there and the guy came through like, ‘Oh shit, this is where you guys are now.’ Like okay, we’ve been eating too much of this. But they’re great.” – Cape Francis

109 Montrose Ave, (718) 302-9200,

Find attitude and altitude on the rooftop of Our Wicked Lady

“More often than not I’m at Our Wicked Lady, due to the fantastic team that has created an inclusive community of friends that support each other. They’ve got the best bartenders in town, consistently great booking, and they really go beyond with their weekly Thursdays for the Cause fundraiser shows. Nothing beats that rooftop in the summer, unless you include a $4 Estrella and a $2 hot dog.” – Nick of Atlas Engine

153 Morgan Ave,

Take Mom and Dad to Roberta’s

“The only place you should bring parents because let’s be real, you ain’t got the budget for this incredible pizza.” – The Misters

261 Moore St, (718) 417-1118, robertaspizza.coms


“We love this super underground speakeasy because of its wild design, secret location and especially that they host amazingly creative events, many of which are for a cause.”⁣⁣⁣ – Dirty Mae

Pair booze and broth at Shinobi Ramen

“We’ve only been once or twice to this small shop, but it’s BYOB, and the bowls of noodles they’re churning out are unreal good.” – The Misters

53 Morgan Ave,

Drink beer while you and watch dinosaurs at Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen

“I was introduced to this place by a friend who took me here during the World Cup, but they also show classic movies. Like tonight, they’re playing Jurassic Park at midnight. By the time you read this, I guess it’ll be a different film. The entrance is very unassuming, but once you’re inside it’s a whole new world of big screens and even bigger* beers. (*The beers are not bigger than the screens.)” – Jeremy Neale

“Syndicated is the best place in Brooklyn to catch an arthouse flick or well-loved vintage cult movie on the big screen. Tickets are super cheap, because the theater in the back is also a restaurant, which means you can grab a brew (or two, or five) while watching, say, Booksmart, or a David Lynch deep cut.

The front bar area is decked out to the nines in an homage to the golden age of studio flicks, complete with wide viewing booths and a three-fourths marble bar. It’s also a viewing room of a sort, complete with two gigantic screens that will be playing anything from random ’90s flicks to the The Bachelor to the Democratic debates. Definitely one of our favorite downtime haunts.” – Bandits on the Run

40 Bogart St, (718) 386-3399,

Enjoy the alliteration (and eats) at Tacos, Twins and Trains Taco Cart

“Owned by a pair of twins who love nothing more than listening to bachata, dancing, and throwing down for good time, the taco truck on Bogart Street right above the Morgan L stop is a spot we’ve frequented after many a late-night busking or recording session. The clientele, composed of any old oddball getting on or off the L Train, is top-notch, and if you’re good to the twins they will sometimes invite you into the truck for a shot of tequila [shh-ing emoji].” – Bandits on the Run

64 Bogart St

Revel in fake fanciness and real talent at The Topaz

“The Topaz in Bushwick is one of the more essential things in Brooklyn for me. It’s a bar that tries to be fancy but it’s not that fancy, [and] I personally love that concept. On Monday and Tuesday they host one of the best open mics in the city, where everyone who goes does so to listen or to be listened to. One of the only open mic spaces to do that. Also shout-out to Diego, the bartender. One of those guys that oozes cool (and I think he knows it?).”⁣⁣ Evan Alexander Moore

251 Bushwick Ave, (347) 770-7217,

For disco, dancing and dessert, hit the Turk’s Inn

“The Turk’s Inn is my favorite spot in Brooklyn right now. The food at the Turkish restaurant is amazing, but they also have a beautiful rooftop and a venue for live performances. I tried some new Turkish dessert which was AMAZING then headed up to the roof to check it out and everyone up there was listening intently to the artist performing up there. The actual venue, called The Sultan Room has the coolest stage and lighting setup. It’s a psychedelic, kaleidoscope looking backdrop, with a circular stage and a DJ booth in the corner. All the decor is spot on. They even have some interesting speech or dialogue of some sort playing in the bathrooms. Between the restaurant, roof, and live room, this spot is perfect for trying out a new Turkish dish, rocking out to your favorite band, chilling on the rooftop, or moving and grooving to some late-night disco.” – Blu DeTiger

234 Starr St,  (718) 215-0025,

Find records, comics and camaraderie (+ dogs!) at Vinyl Fantasy

JASON: “Vinyl Fantasy is a comic shop and record shop. Ilana and Joe co-own the place, and Ilana also is a dog walker, so there are constantly cute dogs in there. They have an event where cartoonists come in, and there’s a big projector and they read work they’re working on, which is really cool. And there’s beer.”

MATT:  “Jason’s done it.”

JASON: “I’ve done that reading. [It’s] called Panels to the People. The cartoonist community in Brooklyn, we’re all working from home all the time. It’s nice to get everybody together, and a lot of people recognize each other based on their work but have never met, but we follow each other on Instagram. Suddenly everybody’s doing readings and hanging out. When Vinyl moved in, it was that place and Molasses Books. Those places made me fall in love with the neighborhood — a book store, comic book store, record shop within walking distance.”

Wet Leather

194 Knickerbocker Ave,

Sip cocktails on draft at Yours Sincerely

“Yours Sincerely is another spot. It’s pretty much diagonal from the place I lived for four years. It’s draft cocktails, which can turn some people off, but they’re pretty good, and their happy hour is like $5 for a margarita, so yeah — I don’t give a fuck, this is great. Their El Nino is good… everything is good there.” – Cape Francis

41 Wilson Ave,

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