Space out with the new EP from Dalton Patton’s solo project, which grapples with the trippy + tricky meaning(lessness) of time


I apologize in advance, because there’s only one way I can begin this post:

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na BAT KID!

WHEW! Now that I’ve got *that* out of my system—for, now, at least—this is, in theory, when I would introduce you to Dalton Patton, buttttt you probably already know him.

As the drummer in Brooklyn’s Little SunShould’veOtra Vez and Blue Yonder… just to casually name a few present projects… he’s likely one of BK’s busiest artists, but today we’re turning the spotlight on one specifically, and with that, I’m thrilled to share Q: What is Time? A; Time is Nothing—the weird + wonderful new EP from Dalton’s solo project Bat Kid, out everywhere TODAY!

While our intro to Nietzsche’s whole “time is a flat circle” deal via True Detective pre-dated the pandemic by approx five years, the message has never felt more real and relevant: time… it’s trippy, man. And when we were just getting used to our new Groundhog Day-reminiscent reality almost a year (!!!) ago, Dalton was already exploring the idea through this set of four songs, which were written and recorded within a few weeks last March.

“These songs deal with the concept of time as a result of having so much of it on my hands that It felt meaningless and meaningful at the same time,” the artist told me of the EP over email.

As for the sound, where do I start?

Across the record, Dalton’s distorted vocals range from deliberately deadpan delivery to slightly more melodic, though still electro-enhanced, verses to one-person call-and-response—an increasingly delirious conversation with himself—layered over and under an elaborate cacophony of bleeps and bloops, screeches and static, a background of dark, industrial and almost evil genius-esque beats and often incoherent babbling.

In other words, there’s a lot of of onomatopoeia, and a LOT to unpack. Thankfully, Dalton’s agreed to do it for us.

Bat Kid’s bio reads: “Being from a vast nowhere who mysteriously crash-landed on Earth. He now makes music in order to self-sustain in this inhospitable world.” Leading up to the release, the intergalactic artist, by way of his human liaison, sent us a track-by-track breakdown of the EP.

Q: What is Time? A: Time is Nothing’ —track by track


This is a battle with the self and the driving factors that push people away in order to maintain a sense of balance within. The regret of the time passed and events that could have come to fruition motivate one to better themselves. If they fail to do so, they begin to blame their problems on others around them and lead themselves down a path of self destruction.

The World”

When there is an element of pity and empathy within relationships, one leaves themselves open to a plethora of repercussions and should proceed with utmost discretion. The perils inflicted upon naive, good Samaritans looking to make a better change in the world, are often thwarted by those motivated by greed and Machiavellian constructs. “As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words”

[Sam’s note: This might be my favorite track.]

Q: What is Time? A: Time is Nothing

Time is nothing more than a measurement and is only relative to those who are concerned about it. However, one cannot help but find motivation in finding meaning within the cycle of consumption and self worth. Our mortality binds us to the alignment of coordinates within a plane determined by your own perception.

[Sam’s note: Actually, THIS might be my favorite track?]

Black Bikini

One takes pictures to appreciate what they have in the moment. That moment can outlive the subject and meaning begins to fade or find a new purpose. Moments are often taken for granted until the latter times when they are yearned for the most. 

Spend your Sunday spacing out with Bat Kid. While time may be nothing, there’s still a very good chance you’ll have a very good one listening to this—


Follow Bat Kid at @that_bat_kid and grab the EP on Bandcamp now!

Spectacular feature image provided by the artist.

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