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The artist shares her favorite spots for shopping, lobster rolls and authentic Italian food


Friends NYC

If i’m looking for something fun to wear, an accessory to lift my spirits, or a cute little gift to give a friend, Friends is one of the cutest spots in Bushwick to hit up. It’s a mix of second-hand and brand pieces. You can find really original things here, and the staff is super down to help you find cool looks.

56 Bogart St (ground floor), (718) 386-6279, friendsnyc.com

Green Village

I’ve lived in a few neighborhoods in BK over the past 8 years, but I’ve resided in Bushwick the longest. Green Village is this crazy second-hand store, with items piled high. Dressers stacked on dressers, old pots in a basket, #1 GRANDPA coffee cups on shelves from somebody you’ll never meet’s grandpa. Sometimes I go just to look, but I definitely have decorated a lot of my home with their quirky items.

2610, 276 Starr St, (718) 456-8844, gogreenvillage.com

Red Hook Lobster Pound

I come from a family of food lovers. We usually give the credit to the Italian side — whether that is scientifically true is TBD, but I’m gonna keep running with it. Moreover, a gal from CT, lobster rolls have always been a family favorite. So when I moved to BK, we discovered Red Hook Lobster, and I’ve literally never even wanted to explore a lobster roll anywhere else. It reminds me a little of home, and I love to go with people and debate over Maine or Connecticut style. It’s also down in Red Hook, which is a wonderful neighborhood, on the water, near a cute lil view of the Statue of Liberty (one of those things you see and remember, holy shit! I live here!).

284 Van Brunt St, (718) 858-7650, redhooklobster.com

L&B Spumoni Gardens

This is a family favorite. I grew up touring what felt like the world, but was really a two-state radius, for pizza and ice cream. Deep in Brooklyn, a real original pizza place that (I think) everyone should go visit just to understand and appreciate what some real OG Italian Brooklyn life is. No frills. That was always my family’s style. Good pizza, a how-ya-doing moment and a nice drive home.

2725 86th St, (718) 449-1230, spumonigardens.com


Somewhere I like to go when I want to feel romantic is DUMBO. I like to go stroll by myself along the water, watch people on Jane’s Carousel. But mostly just watch the water hit the rocks under the bridge and think about how lucky/lonely I am. NYC is wonderful at providing you with that super contradictory feeling!


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Feature image: Ben Curry

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