Dropped a week ahead of their New Colossus debut, the title track from the Bologna band’s forthcoming EP is  “A hymn for all who wander without ever knowing when it’s time to stop”


In BIG SEA‘s bio, the Bologna, Italy-based band describes their sound as one that “reflects the will to run away from daily monotony and from the established path” with lyrics that serve as “a yell against the status quo.”

So if you thought millennial malaise was a uniquely American problem, that an unceasing restlessness and sense of dissatisfaction are unique to our culture or that the general frustration of our generation is geo-specific, well… think again. It turns out the urge to throw yourself off the hamster wheel and sprint in the opposite direction from everything that society instructs you to do/think/buy/be is, in fact, a feeling that knows no borders.

From NYC to Italy, that’s rock ‘n’ roll, baby.

And if that’s how BIG SEA states their sonic thesis—art inspired around the acts of fleeing expectations and freeing one’s self—the band’s newest single might just be their official anthem.

And, who knows, maybe yours too.

A day ahead of its official release, from my big faves BIG SEA this is “Celebrate.”

After all we’re going home / We’re going home after all

“Celebrate is born in rehearsal room starting from the intro riff, an indie dance that we play with fun and that we would like to propose as an hymn for all who wander without ever knowing when it’s time to stop,” the band shared with me of the track over email. “The simplicity of a rock song with many faces that builds up to a powerful finale.”

As the saying goes, not all who wander are lost. While the verb itself associated with aimlessness, action that is by definition devoid of destination, it doesn’t mean it’s a process that’s lacking in purpose. The important idea here is that of movement, if not towards somewhere definite, certainly away from something undesirable, and it’s a theme that’s expressed both through the band’s lyrics and the energy and speed of the songs themselves, which are impossible not to, well, move to.

SO! here’s the good news: You’ll have the opportunity to do just that when BIG SEA hits NYC stages twice for New Colossus Fest next week:

  • Friday (3/10) evening at the Bands do BK x NC showcase at Arlene’s Grocery with Yo Diablo (Spain), Astronomies (Norway) and BdBK BFFs My Son The Doctor, NEVVA and J. Pastel (tix here; entry also included with festival pass)
  • The Saturday (3/11) matinee at Piano’s with Black Maracas, Koko, Data Animal, Windier, Gay, Fears and Ava Vegas

As a bonus, the band’s three-track EP comes out Friday, so consider the Arlene’s event a week later their (un)official record-release show as well—

You know, in case you needed another reason to Celebrate.


Follow BIG SEA at @bigseaband and add their songs to your Spotify playlists!

Feature image provided by the band.

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