The latest single from the NYC band is about “the fine line that life toes between drama and comedy”


Life is no Netflix queue.

Our collection of moments and memories can’t be classified by mood or genre, neatly dropped into buckets like rom-com or thriller or action or comedy that you can scroll through and select to live and later recall.

No, it’s more complicated than that. It actually feels more like—to reference an actual film—everything, everywhere, all at once.

That said, while our lives might not be categorizable and—barring a potential secret Truman Show scenario—they probably aren’t being featured on the silver screen, we often have times where we feel like they’re worthy of Hollywood, and it’s these points on our personal timelines that NYC band Slow Fiction is tackling in their latest single, “Top 10 Movie Scenes”—out everywhere now!

Do you remember / when you first told me / you great pretender / my one and only

“This song both sonically and lyrically sums up our feelings on the fine line that life toes between drama and comedy,” the band shared. “It kind of pokes fun at the notion that most of us have one point or another, felt like we are in the scene of a movie. The title is a veiled reference to the old Watch Mojo videos online.”

As a very New York band—a product of Craigslist and mutual connections, formed in singer Julia Vassallo’s East Village apartment—it makes sense that the band would explore, and embrace, the cinematic nature of life in the city. Whether you’re sobbing on a subway or snogging with a skyline view, catching a show with a mix of friends and strangers on a rooftop or strolling through your gloriously grimy stomping grounds solo, NYC is not just a naturally dramatic backdrop but an active setting that a real and lasting role in the lives of characters real and fictional, offering endless inspiration and perpetually fueling creativity, fanning art sparks into full-blown flames.

The band has embraced what are, if not similar, certainly related, themes in previous songs. Eleven months ago, I premiered the band’s debut double-drop The Cut / Niagara. For the former they referenced hearing “a very pained story… [where] there’s also a layer of humor that masks the true intentions,” while they described the latter as “a song fueled by angst and figuring out how to move on from relationships in this city.” These gel with the newest single, all serving as an expression of the ongoing process of untangling… sorting through an often-messy mix of emotions and figuring out the whole life thing, its beauties and complexities, while living in a city that’s absolute magic—but anything but easy. And beyond themes, the band manages this balance in the music itself, handling often tough stuff with a little light touch placing emotions atop a solid layer of groove to ensure listeners are moved in both the emotional and physical sense, hit right in the feels while they can’t help but move their feet.

“Top 10 Movie Scenes” is the latest addition to the band’s catalogue,and I’m stoked to share that there’s more to come. Slow Fiction’s debut, self-titled EP will be released on February 16th, and—in proper film parlance—is sure to serve as the perfect soundtrack for NYC living. And the movie that’s your life.


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Feature image provided by the band.

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