The girlfriend-rock band’s debut single is “an anthem for simps everywhere”


Whether we’re talking Lizzie swooning over Ethan or Helga pining (and shrining) for Arnold, Steve Urkel’s undying love for Laura Winslow or my personal infatuation with every 6-plus-foot dude with a skateboard in Brooklyn, crushes are a tale as old as time—

Especially when they’re unrequited.

Maybe it’s your bandmate, your barista, or your bodega guy. Your best friend, your flatmate or that flexible babe from yoga class who has warrior one your heart. We have all, at one point, had the hots for someone who… uh, def doesn’t know we exist. So despite the always frustrating, and occasionally heartbreaking, nature of this dilemma—and that it’s a problem that always feels extremely personal—we can at least take solace in the fact that everyone else understands exactly what we’re going through.

And some have written some very rad songs about it.

The latest band to contribute to the crush-and-burn genre is Brooklyn-based band Talon, whose debut single tackles this very topic through a queer and female lens.

“This hopeful banger about yearning for someone who’s never gonna give you the time of day is an anthem for simps everywhere,” the band say of the song.

A day ahead of its wide release, I’m stoked to premiere “Blondie” here.

A self-proclaimed “girlfriend rock” band, Talon finds inspiration for their art and their attitude in acts ranging from No Doubt and Liz Phair to MUNA and Maggie Rogers, infusing big feelings with fun energy while harnessing the cathartic power of harmony. The result is a sound that’s undeniably and irresistibly catchy, destined to be shaped into many a future banger as the band explores oh-so-human subjects such as “yearning, rejection and relationship fantasies.”

In an Instagram post, the new band shares the story of making the song, and making the band, and you have the opportunity to celebrate both TONIGHT at their FREE release show at Starr Bar, where the fun kicks off at 9 p.m.

The music will be good. The odds of finding your next crush are even better.


Follow Talon at @talon_forever and sign up for their email list here.

Feature image provided by the band.

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