One of the Brooklyn band’s two debut singles is a “country song about country songs” (complete with an accompanying zine)


With more high-rises than horses, cabs than cows, and bars than barns (plus a definitive lack of tractors and manure only of the oh-god-I-hope-that’s-not-human variety), NYC is no place for a cowboy—

But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t cosplay as one.

Put on a pair of non-ironic Wranglers, pull up a stool at Skinny Dennis and blast the new single from the Florida-dudes-turned-Brooklyn-boys in NYC alt-indie band Sue Your Landlord, which is out everywhere TOMORROW—

And that (yeeeehawwwww!) you can listen to a day early here!

From Sue Your Landlord, this is “Country Boy.”

“Country Boy” – Sue Your Landlord

“Mike always wanted to be a country star,” the band shared of the song ahead of its release, in which their frontman doesn’t simply incorporate influences of the genre but fully (and delighfully) indulges in this rural urge. “He’ll have to settle for playing one in this country song about country songs.”

“Country Boy” is one half of a double-debut the band is dropping this weekend (“Understood” is also out tomorrow), and to accompany the song, the band’s friend Ally Stilian crafted an accompanying zine, which you can preview in v sweet gif form below:

Want to get your hands on one? Celebrate “Country Boy” (+ the new single) TOMORROW NIGHT at Sue Your Landlord’s release show at Bar Freda with Charity Run, Giant Pockets and Jake McKelvie & the Countertops! I had the pleasure of booking the blast-of-a-band a few weeks ago at Arlene’s Grocery, and while there was little to no do-si-do’ing going down, hey, you never know what might happen this weekend…

Grab your tickets here. Boots, spurs and cowboy hats optional, but very much encouraged.


Follow Sue Your Landlord at @sueyourlandlord

Feature image provided by the band.

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