To celebrate one year of FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE, AVSE enlisted a group of brooklyn bands to put their unique spins on nine of the album’s tracks


One year ago, A Very Special Episode dropped FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE, and what better way to commemorate and celebrate 365 days of their beautiful album being out in the world than by re-releasing it—

With a twist, of course.

In honor of FYHOD‘s first birthday, Patrick, Kasey and Chayse of AVSE called upon their Brooklyn BFFs to each put their own unique spin on one of the album’s tracks, resulting in a product that serves as a testament to the scene’s talent, the collaborative nature of this community and the band’s natural ability to excite and inspire.

REMIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE (the perfect title, btw) is out everywhere TOMORROW and features new takes on AVSE tracks from Taaj Al Khaliq, Jon F Daily (The Black Black, Kissed By An Animal), Cigarettes for Breakfast, COUPY, Atlas Engine, Ilithios, Nihiloceros, Amskray and finally, Colatura—whose twist on the band’s track I’m stoked to premiere here!

This is “DFP” (the remix, baaaby).

FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE came out just about a year ago and we’re so grateful for how many of our talented friends pitched in to help us to celebrate,” the band shared over email. “We hope everyone enjoys the new takes on these songs and checks out everyone’s personal bands/musical projects when they’re done!”

Beyond paying tribute to a record that very much rules, this endeavor also offered participating artists the opportunity to be playful—to step outside of their normal genres and experiment with different sorts of sounds.

Of their contribution, Colatura said:

“We have loved A Very Special Episode ever since we first played with them at The Gutter three or four years ago (which coincidentally was the show where the voicemail featured at the end of ‘Cowboy’ was recorded, during our set lol), so we were super excited when they invited us to remix one of their songs. We had fun taking a guitar-driven song and playing around with more electronic aspects of music production, that we don’t use as much in our own music.”

If you’ve caught an AVSE show or spent time with the band offstage, you’ve fallen in love with them as artists and as humans (NPR is a fan, btw), and if you’re new to the party… well, now’s your chance. Grab your tickets here to catch AVSE liiiiive at Pianos TONIGHT with Libel (celebrating their reunion + the release of their new album!), Kissed by an Animal, and Shooting Star Press.

Pre-order REMIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE, pre-game the show with FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE, and stay tuned for the next release of AVSE remixes, which will feature my personal takes on the songs—

AKA footage from tonight’s show with me woo-ing! excessively in the background during every song. So… pretty standard.


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Feature image provided by the band.

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