The “unfiltered” new single from the Brooklyn artist is about “being fed up and drained”


There’s something about flying that makes feelings more intense. Maybe it’s a matter of perspective, maybe it’s the $18 bloody marys, but there’s a sudden emotional shift that happens once you leave the tarmac, hit a higher altitude, and look down at the world below. One minute you’re fine, and the next you’re sobbing during Mamma Mia 2. (Just me?!)

When you’re feeling ~in your feelings~, there is, of course, nothing better to do than listen to music, and last November I spent a flight back from Austin with JessX in my ears, blasting the Brooklyn artist’s debut album Baby Faced—”a collection of songs of [their] first year here in New York”—at 35,000 feet for four hours while preparing the premiere for Bands do BK. And I fell more in love with the album with every state we soared over.

That said, even when you’re kicking it at sea level with got two feet on terra firma, Jess X still manages to move you—and make you move—with their music. There’s a lot of feeling wrapped and packed into these nice n noisy punk songs, which don’t just span the sonic spectrum but run the emotional gamut, and it’s a privilege for me to once again—fittingly, right after hopping on another flight—to premiere another release from the artist.

Ahead of the official drop tomorrow, from JessX, this is “Scream.”

I wanna scream / I wanna feel free / I wanna scream / I wanna feel free

Along with shooting over the video, JessX sent over some background on the making of the song itself, which serves as a form of release, written during a state of frustration and emotional exhaustion in NYC’s darkest, coldest season.

“‘Scream’ is a very unfiltered lyrical song of mine. Gabe Greenland, who produced the track, made it so comfortable for me to scream however I was feeling. I remember just being emotionally fucked in peak winter here in New York so being able to scream my head off was the most therapeutic thing for me to do. Working with Gabe was such a sick experience to be a part of, his work ethic is insanely fast and so efficient. I think what differs ‘Scream’ from the rest of my other music is the vulnerability I have about everything in my life during that time, it’s not just about a singular person or being heartbroken, it’s about being fed up and drained.”

Don’t miss your chance to celebrate the single—and scream along—at what’s sure to be a beautifully chaotic and cathartic release show TOMORROW NIGHT with Gun and Gilroy at Mercury Lounge (get your tix here).

Soak up the sounds, move that body and feel those feelings. No trip through the TSA line required.


Follow JessX at @babyfacedfatherx and add the songs to your Spotify playlists!

Feature image provided by the artist.

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