WHO: The Planes

SEEKING: “We’re looking for a drummer to join the band. No hired guns, please!”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “We’re a local band that’s been around forever (currently a 3-piece). Best description of us ever was probably from a teenager at a house show in Hartford who said we sound like “Dinosaur Jr. covering R.E.M.” The aim of the project is to be too loud for the indie pop people to like us, and too poppy for people who are into heavier music to like us. If this sounds appealing to you, please reach out!”

DETAILS: “We’re looking for a drummer to join the band. No hired guns, please! We practice on Tuesday nights off of the Montrose L, though we can work in some extra practices to get up to speed if needed. We’re not looking for anyone to make a financial contribution. Overall, I want it to be as fun and easy as possible to be in this band. It’s a low-pressure situation, though there are reasonable expectations. Skill-wise, you don’t need to be a virtuoso, though we’d like someone who can play something close to the songs we’ve already recorded. We generally pay a fun local show about 1-2 times a month. The focus, at least for me (Stephen) as an artist, is on making solid albums. Weekender tours are a possibility, but let’s get this new lineup off the ground first (unintended Planes pun, perhaps).”

LISTEN: On Bandcamp

CONTACT: “Email Stephen at wagonzilla [@] gmail.com”


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