With the first single from their forthcoming album, the Brooklyn-based band hopes to offer a sort of catharsis


There’s no bigger tease, or maybe buzzkill, than when you find a song you really love… then realize it’s not out yet.

So was the case with “Suicide Watch” from Red Sun Radio, a song I became instantly obsessed with, which the Brooklyn-based rock band originally released exclusively via video as a rooftop session, recorded on the roof of NYC’s Sear Sound Studios, in 2020.

“This song was written during those cold and lonely days of late March when it felt like the world might be ending,” the band told me back then. “It’s about people coming face to face with their mental and emotional limits. These days especially, that may include a lot of us.”

It’s hard to believe it’s only, or already, been two years—it somehow simultaneously feels like a whole 20 years, and just 20 seconds, has passed since then. But while a lot has changed in the last 24 months, many of these sentiments remain the same. The exact source and specifics of today’s tragedies are different, but the existence and extent of the emotional strain, for many, remains. And still, we need our sonic silver linings more than ever.

And for that reason, and because the song really rules, I’m absolutely thrilled to premiere the new single from Red Sun Radio, which is out and available to listen to everywhere—finally!—as of tomorrow!

“I’m dragging my heels through the dirt // I sweat through my best dress shirt // The doc says this’ll all go away // If I take just three of these a day”

Ahead of this release, about a year and a half since the rooftop session dropped, the band offered some additional context.

“This song was written after going through a pretty painful ordeal with someone close. It is, above all, a song about empathy. In the midst of dark times, hopefully it can provide some sort of catharsis. We all need that.”

“Suicide Watch” is the first single off of the band’s forthcoming album, Leonardo Motel, set for release this summer. Stay tuned for more music from tRed Sun Radio, and don’t miss your opp to catch the group live THIS FRIDAY at Arlene’s Grocery with Hot Tea and MayQueen

And whatever you might be going through now, please, please hang in there. Music is here to help. And other people are too. <3


If you’ve had suicidal thoughts, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the Lifeline network is available 24/7: 800-273-8255. Locally, NYC Well offers access to free, confidential mental health services and can connect you with a counselor over phone, text or chat. Learn more here.

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Feature image (provided by the band): Sean Tighe

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