HELLO! I’m currently on the plane flying from NYC to Austin, and I should be napping because I got approx 3 hours of sleep this weekend and drank approximately 300 things (thank youuuu, New Colossus Fest!), but instead I’m here to present you (my Austin friends + any NYC bands/fans who also bounced down for the fest) with a guide to some of my fave acts from the NYC scene(s) that are playing SXSW this year, accompanied by deliriously crafted commentary of extremely dubious quality!

BUT FIRST! A shameless plug for one show in particular: the Our Wicked Lady x Austin Eastsiders x BdBK FREEEEEEE show THIS FRIDAY, featuring some of the killer BK bands (+ friends) that call Brooklyn’s best venue home.

RSVP HERE for free fun and I’ll see you there. NOW! Onto the rest of it~

But first: a few notes on the content below:

  • This list is designed to be a starting point. Bands are def playing shows that aren’t listed here, so follow them on Instagram, etc. for a more detailed look at what they’ve got going on this week.
  • Before walking six miles or spending $40(0) pedi-cabbing to a venue, please double-check these days/times via the official schedule and/or bands because, as noted above, I am running on little to zero Zzzz’s. (‘Tis the season!)
  • I also don’t realllllly understand whether after-midnight set times are listed under the date for the night or the next day. So again: plz double-check. I don’t want to throw off your groove!!
  • If you’re an NYC band and you’re playing SX and not on this list, please send me your shows and I’ll gladly add them in.

ALRIGHT! Please holler at me if you’re in Austin via email or DM or carrier grackle because I would love love love to hang out. It’s going to be a very good week. We’ll get some sleep in April.


Now proceed~


Never caught them in NYC, but no time like in Texas!

3/16 – 1:00AM @ Esthers Follies


This was the last band I saw before the pandemic and one of the best I’ve seen since music came back. At the show in March 2020, my friend leaned over to me and yelled into my ear, “They’re like the little Strokes.” NOT WRONG! I love legit every single song they put out.

3/16 – 7:00PM @ Hotel Vegas Patio


The winner of Our Wicked Lady’s 2020 Winter Madness. Check out the champs!

3/15 – 7:50PM @ Hotel Vegas

3/16 –4:00PM @ Gnar Bar

3/17 – 5:00PM at Thrive Craft House

3/18 – 9:20PM @ OWL x Austin Eastciders x BdBK Showcase at Austin Eastciders Taproom/Collaboratory


“A southern occultist juxtaposed in New York City.” Intrigued? Thought so.

3/18 – 7:00PM @ Hotel Vegas


Get readyyyyyy 2 get rowdyyyyy. (I’m still bruised from the last show I went to. Like, last summer.)

3/18 – 11:10PM @ Hotel Vegas


Face of a doll, voice of a goddamn angel.

3/18 – 9:00PM @ Mohawk


Go on, get a lil goth with it.

3/18 – 6:20PM @ OWL x Austin Eastciders x BdBK Showcase at Austin Eastciders Taproom/Collaboratory

3/19 – 11:00PM @ Low Down


A three-frontperson band pumping out sweet neo-surf rock(or something like that). Check out this video and this video and then fly to BK for the album-release show on 4/22 (you can sleep on my couch).

3/15 – 1:00AM (technically 1:00AM on the 16th) @ Las Perlas

3/16 – 2:00PM @ Hole in the Wall

3/17 TBA @ Chess Club


I haven’t seen this band live but I have seen them popping up on a million bills across BK, and that’s good enough for me!

3/15 – 8:40PM @ Hotel Vegas

3/16 –4:00PM @ BLK VINYL

3/17 – 5:00PM at Thrive Craft House

3/18 – 1:00PM @ Captain Quackenbush Soundscape (Nicely Done Co op) // 11:00PM @ Las Perlas


A cult, but like… a fun one. This is a BK supergroup of sorts and another Our Wicked Lady Winter Madness contender. So fun, beautifully bizarre and a blast and a half. 10/10 would drink this Kool-Aid.

3/18 – 9:30PM @ OWL x Austin Eastciders x BdBK Showcase at Austin Eastciders Taproom/Collaboratory


Confession: BdBK is a shell corporation for what is in fact a Dead Tooth fan club. Zach is one of the best frontmen in Brooklyn and I’m 100% going to cry happy tears seeing him on the Stubb’s stage. Listen to “Liars” 593959 times to get on my level before the show. Also: they just released an EP!

3/16 – 1:00PM @ Pink Warehouse / Art Island; 11:30PM @ Hotel Vegas

3/17- 9:00PM @ Stubb’s

3/18 – 6:15PM @ Captain Quackenbush’s Coffeehouse; 10:05 PM @ OWL x Austin Eastciders x BdBK Showcase at Austin Eastciders Taproom/Collaboratory


WHO NEEDS A GEE-TAR WHEN YOU HAVE A KEYTAR?! Andrew is a Sofar Sounds friend and this DIY show is going to offer the same sweet, sweet living-room vibez.

3/17 4:00PM @ Artery + Brooklyn Wildlife House Show (DM for address)


I got my world thoroughly rocked by these wonderful people at New Colossus Festival and then was maybe kinda weird to them while I was drunkenly eating falafel on the sidewalk after the show? That said: They rule and I’m very stoked to see them again! Check out the new single.

3/15: 1:30PM @ Hole in the Wall; 5:00PM @ Lazarus Brewing Co.

3/16 – 3:40PM @ Side Bar; 8:00PM @ Sahara Lounge

3/17 – 6:30PM @ Try Hard Coffee; 8:30PM @ The 13th Floor Bar

3/18 – 5:00PM @ OWL x Austin Eastciders x BdBK Showcase at Austin Eastciders Taproom/Collaboratory; 8:40PM @ Hotel Vegas

3/19 – 7:00PM Warehouse Show @ 5305 Bolm Rd Austin, (bay 7)


As POWERFULLLLLLL as the name indicates. Check out their set of UnderCover, when they swapped songs with Threesome.

3/15 – 6:30PM @ Hole in the Wall (KVRX Showcase); 9:30PM @ Hotel Vegas

3/16- 9:00PM @ The Far Out Lounge

3/17 – 6:30PM @ Try Hard Coffee; 8:30pm @ The 13th Floor Bar; 1:00AM @ Hotel Vegas (technically morning of 3/18)


Not your average grandpa(s)!

3/18 – 7:05PM @ OWL x Austin Eastciders x BdBK Showcase at Austin Eastciders Taproom/Collaboratory


Fun fact: first time I saw this band was at SXSW! After playing literally ~200 shows around NYC, they put out an insanely rad record last year and went on tour with IDLES. Of note: One of the most fun interviews I’ve ever done. Also of note: one of Beck’s fave live bands. Trust me. Or at least trust Beck. GO SEE THEM!

3/16 – 8:00PM @ Augustine

3/17 – 1:00AM @ Antone’s

3/18 – 12:20AM @ Valhalla


The solo project of Jessica Louise Dye—pink-haired frontwoman of High Waisted—who is equally good on stage and on the tables.

3/16 – Midnight DJ Set @ Pink Warehouse / Art Island

3/17 – 9:00PM @ Icenhauer’s


This Jewish rapper recently rose to internet semi-fame when he was rapping outside a Knicks game and Fat Joe joined in on the fun. ALSO, fun fact, the founder of Bald Fest. Don’t miss him.

3/17 – 11:15 PM @ Empire Control Room


One of the favorite bands of my friend Tom from Look At My Records! Who has very good taste.


A recommendation from Patti. Bands supporting bands! Yeah!

3/16 – 8:00PM @ The Hideout Theatre

3/17 – 8:40PM @ Volstead Lounge


Wrote her album from the “cozy cell” of her bedroom during the pandemic.

3/15 –11:10PM @ The Volstead Lounge

3/16 – 4:45PM @ The Ballroom (fka Spiderhouse)

3/17 – 9:00PM @ Chess Club

3/18 – 11:00AM @ Antone’s

3/19 – 5:00PM @ All the Sudden


Snap-crackle-alt-pop, they put on one of the most incredible and life-affirming live shows in BK. Watch the live BdBK session at Zoos studios with them here (and don’t be surprised if they take their tops off).

3/15 –1:00PM @ The Pershing; 11:05PM @ Iron Bear

3/16 – 5:00PM @ BLK VINYL; 7:45 @ Hotel Vegas Patio

3/17 – 2:45PM @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse

3/18 – 2:00PM @ The Jackalope; 5:00PM @ Icenhauer’s

3/19 – IDK @ Mohawk


~Formerly~ NYC but time/location/everything is an illusion, baby!

3/18 – 10:20PM @ Volstead Lounge


“Feelings-first” dream rockers. And the best-smelling, most courteous mosh pit in BK.

3/18 – House Show (DM 4 Address)

3/19 – 5:45 @ Full Circle Bar; 8:00PM @ Icenhauer’s; 11:00PM @ Hole in the Wall


Like Smith. Just met them via email and quite hyped to see them live! THAT’S ALL I HAVE! THAT’S ALL I NEED!

3/15 –10:20PM @ The Volstead Lounge

3/16 – 3:15PM @ Far Out Lounge; 7:00PM @ The Lowdown

3/17 – 4:30PM house show @ 1601 Garden St; 1:00AM (technically morning of 3/18) @ Chess Club

3/18 – 3:30 @ Full Circle; TBD @ The Parlor


A woman who rocks and is playing the Women That Rock showcase (shoutout to Andie for booking a sick one!) on Saturday.

3/19 – 11:20PM @ The Mohawk


Would follow my queer cheer captain Mia Berrin to the ends of the earth. Or in this case, Rainey Street.

3/16 – 10:15PM @ Lustre Pearl

3/17 – 10:00PM @ Stubb’s

3/18 1:00AM @ Augustine; 3:00PM @ Empire Garage


Recommended by one of my fave bartenders at The Crown Inn, which is all the endorsement I need.

3/14 – 9:30PM @ Volstead Lounge

3/15 – 12:00PM @ Hole in the Wall; 8PM RAICES benefit at House Johnson; 11:00PM @ Green Jay

3/16 – 1:15PM @ Cheer Up Charlie’s; 5:20PM @ Hotel Vegas; 10PM @The Ballroom (aka Spider House)

3/17 – IDK @ The Do512 Lounge

3/18 – 7:00PM @ Easy Tiger East


A musician! And a nurse! Come for the songs, stay for the first aid.

3/15 – 7:00PM @ Las Perlas


Every part of me hopes this is her real last name and she’s following her ~destiny.~ Another Woman That Rocks.

3/15 – 1:00PM @ Pink Warehouse / Art Island

3/16 – 8:00PM @ Neighborhood Goods

3/17 – 11:00PM @ Stephen F’s Bar

3/18 – 3:00PM @ Icenhauer’s; 6:00PM @ Embassy Suites Hotel South Congress

3/19 – 11:00AM @ Mohawk


Columbian duo turned BK band. Great sound, sick style.

3/15 – 11:00PM @ Speakeasy


SEAN! CORY! ALEC! BRANDON! Sick dudes, sweet tunes. Despite what the name indicates, not crust punks. (Ew. I’m so sorry.)

3/18 – 8PM @ The Drafting Room


I interviewed one Lily (Reszi Rothman) for the BdBK book and met, napped and ate biscoff next to the other Lily (Desmond) on the plane ride here. Top 2 Lilys I know. Don’t miss ’em!

3/16 – 10:00PM @ Mohawk


Ethan’s last project Lackadazies rules, he does a mean Mick Jagger and I am very hyped to see this new project. Hopefully next to YOU in the crowd.

3/18 – 5:40PM @ OWL x Austin Eastciders x BdBK Showcase at Austin Eastciders Taproom/Collaboratory


Football club or artist?! Artist or football club?! Show up and find out! (Bonus points if you paint your face.)

3/17 – 2:00PM @ Chess Club; 10:00PM @ Antones

3/18 11:00AM @ Antones


This one prob doesn’t require an explanation, but let it be known that Julia Cumming is not just a very talented artist but a very nice human.

3/15 – 12:00AM @ Cheer Up Charlie’s

3/16 – 3:00PM @ Container Bar

3/17 – 2:00PM @ Radio Day Stage at Austin Convention Center


My (former) Crown Heights neighbors who never lent me a cup of sugar but did make my Spotify Wrapped. These boys are 100% going to blow up (you heard it here probably-not-first) and the Do512 Lounge is my fave place to see music in Austin. WHAT A COMBO!

3/17 – IDK @ The Do512 Lounge

3/19 – IDK @ The Far Out Lounge


Another OWL Winter Madness contender whom I did not see but heard amazing ~things~ about.

3/18 – 8:35PM @ OWL x Austin Eastciders x BdBK Showcase at Austin Eastciders Taproom/Collaboratory


3/18 – IDK @ Chess Club


A pandemic pod and BK supergroup who played the Bands do BK 3-year anniversary party. Best people, best vibes, best time.

3/18 – 4:20PM @ OWL x Austin Eastciders x BdBK Showcase at Austin Eastciders Taproom/Collaboratory


Venus Twins! Vegan twins! A bass-and-drums duo that requires 7 pairs of ear plugs. Per person.

3/19 – 12:00AM – Chess Club


You shall cry tears of joy.

3/17 – 10:45 @ Hotel Vegas

<3 <3 <3


Feature image of Dead Tooth, provided by Dead Tooth: Adriana Iris Boatwright 

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