The first single from the BK band’s forthcoming record is “sassy and a little bit of heartbreak at the same time”


Google “pretty bitchin'” and the first thing that comes up is a result related to queen o’ country Miranda Lambert, whose song of that title appeared as the 11th track on the artist’s 2019 record Wildcard. The fourth thing that comes up is a story on some website called The Boot, which describes the story behind “Pretty Bitchin'” in the artist’s own words:

“It was one of those songs where it was like, ‘It’s good to have fun, you know?’ Sometimes you go through shit in your life and you have to write about it. I’m a writer, and sometimes you get all dark and moody and cool, but then you come out of it and you see yourself from a different view—like, ‘Can we have some fun now?'”

NOW! Enter Brooklyn-based band Kristin Flammio & The Pretty Bitchin’. While the group wasn’t named for Lambert’s banger (the song came after the band—maybe it was named for them?!), given the above background on the song, it would make perfect sense. I saw the band perform at Union Pool last month as part of a lineup featuring purveyors of “pwrfl pop jams” Onesie and the shredders o’ Sharkswimmer, and “Can we have some fun now?” might as well have been the official rally cry of Kristin and Co. The set featured killer music heavily garnished with quick-witted commentary and band banter that stimulated dancing feet and laughing… um, lungs? …making for a performance that felt almost like a variety show put on by best buds— and made for one of the most delightful musical experiences I had during what was a very, very show-packed summer.

Now, a month and a half since that evening, I couldn’t be more pumped to pass the bitchin’ baton onto the BdBK audience and shine the spotlight on a very well deserving band by premiering their newest track a day ahead of its release.

From Kristin Flammio & The Pretty Bitchin’, this is “Everybody Else.”

Much like my boot-scootin’-boogyin’ counterparts at the aforementioned music website, I too like to get the story behind the song, and ahead of the release, Kristin sent over the following intel on the new single:

“An ode to staying on the hunt even when the pickings are slim. This song is sassy and a little bit of heartbreak at the same time… just how I like things.”

While I didn’t know a month and a half ago that “Everybody Else” would be the first single from the band’s forthcoming record, I did find it both rad + relatable enough to capture and share a clip of it after the show. (You’ll have to swipe past my amateur modeling of Pretty Bitchin’ merch—one of the best band tees in my collection.) Allow that snapshot + the full song above to serve as a little sample of what you can expect on the band’s album, out in November. And do yourself a favor and DO NOT MISS their record release show at Our Wicked Lady with Odd Snakes and Grandpa Jack on November 11th—

I’m told there will be GLOW STICKS and CAKE and an AFTER PARTY with DJ Swan. Plus, if you needed more signs to attend, our new lord/savior/inspiration Miranda Lambert also has a song called “Tequila Does.” And you better believe there will be plenty of that there too.


Follow Kristin Flammio & The Pretty Bitchin’ at @theprettybitchin and grab music on Bandcamp!

Grab your tix to the band’s show on the OWL rooftop here!

Feature image (provided by the band): Jules Rose

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