Embrace the chaos that is the adrenaline-fueled visual accompaniment to one of the BK band’s new tracks


WELCOME TO THE (VERY RAD) NIGHTMARE THAT IS “HUNGAHUNGA”: A chaotic collage that fuses an NYC night out with Mad Max desert vibes meets maybe The Hangover with a dash of disconcerting dental documentary, some Blair Witch-style cinematography and a few surprisingly scenic splashes of very nice nature. Set to a strobe light. On acid. Plus maybe some meth?!

That’s coming from someone with extremely little knowledge of cinema or psychedelics (or amphetamines FOR THE RECORD), but basically, the video is an effects-packed piece of visual/audio intensity/insanity—a fever dream set to a delightfully demented soundtrack that you just have to consume yourself to fully understand.

And here’s the beauty of the internet: You can do just that! And on precisely that note, a day ahead of its official release, I’m stoked to premiere the brand-new video from the Brooklyn trio here.


Right?! Yeah. Whew. Take a sec. Alright.

“HUNGAHUNGA” is the sixth and final track on Pons’ EP The Pons Estate, which just dropped in August. Ahead of the vid’s release, the band sent over some info on the making of the video and how they worked to fully express the relentless mania of their music in this medium.

“A man crumbles under the weight of his evil temptations. Our biggest goal when making the ‘HUNGAHUNGA’ music video was to capture the manic intensity of the song and to visually represent how overblown and chaotic the music is. Early in the songwriting process, we agreed that the instrumental felt like you were being chased down by something or someone and we really leaned into that feeling when making the video. The song and the video share a constant sense of dizzying, disorienting movement and over-saturation both sonically and visually. About half of the video was filmed throughout Brooklyn and the other half was filmed throughout the United States as we drove from Vermont to Portland, Oregon and back to do some recording. This is the first music video we’ve filmed and edited ourselves and we’re excited to do more DIY videos like this in the near future.”

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Disclaimer: Based on this video, Bands do BK takes zero responsibility for Pons’ recommendations + even less responsibility for any ~questionable~ consequences that may result from following them.

Maybe go ahead and send us the video, though.


Itinerary above written + submitted by Pons. Follow the band at @pons_the_band, buy music on Bandcamp and add their music to your Spotify playlists.

Feature image provided by the band.

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