WHO: Souls Are Hidden

SEEKING: Drummer

DETAILS: “We call ourselves ‘whatevercore’ because we’ll do metalcore/deathcore/hardcore/whatever else we feel like playing. Hence, ‘whatevercore.’ And we’re looking for a drummer! Advanced preferred. Someone who can play everything from odd time signatures to blast beats. No gigging experience required, we’ve only played a handful of shows but we plan on playing more. We have 15-20 songs written but you’re welcome to bring more to the table (but not required). Be creative, have a vision and a vibe, we like that!

Commitment level is about a medium in terms of intensity. We’re not inactive, but we don’t plan on touring; just playing shows in the area where possible. We all have jobs, and we know as well as you do that life gets in the way, but we’d love someone who would want to jam, play shows, and hopefully make an album soon!

FFO: Silent Planet, Whitechapel, A Day to Remember, The Ghost Inside, Batushka, Cro-Mags, Beartooth, Hatebreed, Dance Gavin Dance, END, Enterprise Earth, and basically any other bands between punk and death metal (obviously mostly -core stuff though).

Absolute musts: Antiracist, anticapitalist, no transphobes, no homophobes, no misogynists, leftists only, must be vaccinated against COVID.

If you’re interested, reach out and let us know what town you live in (or what neighborhood in NYC; our guitarist is from Brooklyn and the rest of us are in North Jersey, and we’re willing to be flexible) and your social media (Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok is okay). We’ll get back to you asking for a video of past work and/or a video of you playing to one of our songs if we’re interested. Looking forward to hearing back, we’re so excited to hear from y’all!!”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “Metalcore/Deathcore/Hardcore/Whatevercore from North Jersey / NYC / BK”

LISTEN: Links here

CONTACT: Email soulsarehidden [@] gmail.com if you’re interested!”


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