The newest release from the Brooklyn artist “evokes a feeling of sexual empowerment and explores the journey of being deeply attracted to a lover”


Just like grief, there are five stages we go through when a relationship ends:

  • DENIAL: They didn’t mean it. That wasn’t a real break-up. They’re definitely going to call… they just probably don’t have service… and haven’t had it for two weeks… because their phone probably fell in the ocean… off the coast of Antarctica (?!) … and they’re swimming back to profess their love to you right now!
  • ANGER: In which you fantasize about running into them in the frozen-food section at Trader Joe’s. SO YOU CAN MURDER THEM.
  • BARGAINING: Who really wants or needs their job, pinkie toe or future first-born child? You’d gladly give any of those up to get them back!
  • DEPRESSION: Ah, shit. This is where the ice cream comes in.
  • ACCEPTANCE: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Or, um, something like that.

But if you’re lucky, there’s one more. We’re talking about EMPOWERMENT: a higher state in which you not only learn from the situation but learn more about yourself, emerging a better version of whom you were before, reborn and rising from the ashes of the severed relationship like a (super hot) phoenix.

It’s this sixth stage that Bronx-born, Brooklyn-based artist Opal Rose reached in the wake of a painful, mid-pandemic breakup as, after dealing with the hurt and the trauma, she moved on, discovering herself and finding freedom in the process. It’s this feeling she expertly and artistically channeled into an exploration of passion, power and sexuality in the form of new single “Total Control,” and it’s the red- and blue-hued music video for this track that I’m thrilled to premiere here!

Not just an musician (and model), but a yoga teacher and spiritual healer, it’s not surprising the singer-songwriter was able to take an ending and create a beautiful new beginning, and ahead of the release, the Bushwick artist over the following description of her new song:

“’Total Control’ was written in the midst of the onset of a global pandemic and after a very long and traumatic breakup that Opal experienced that cracked her open to new experiences and self-confidence. ‘Total Control’ was inspired by the liberation that Opal felt after being released from the traumatic environment and the new found feeling of control that she felt over her life and encounters with lovers along her journey. ‘Total Control’ evokes a feeling of sexual empowerment and explores the journey of being deeply attracted to a lover.”

This is one of a series of singles and videos from Opal Rose’s upcoming EP Kiss The Ring. Stay tuned for the third, “For The Night,” as well as info on where to catch Opal on tour, coming your way soon—

Because the seventh stage? That would be ONstage. I’ll see ya in the crowd.


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Feature image provided by the artist.

Video directed and shot by New Needle Productions.

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