Fresh off their music video release, the BK 60’s garage rock/ vintage- + post-punk band shares their fave spots in the borough (+ beyond)


Last Friday, Damn Jackals released the gloriously glitzy + glam music video for their new single “Lovely Nuthin'”—

Let’s watch that first.

Alright! Now that you’re properly pumped up for a big night on the town, check out the band’s picks for their favorite spots across NYC! We provided the prompts, they filled in the blanks.

Don you sequined jacket or jumpsuit, fill your pockets with confetti, turn on some Damn Jackals and go get out there

You’ve got a lot of spots to choose from.



BEAU: Right now?…. I’ll go with our current scene – three way tie between The Broadway/ Our Wicked Lady (rooftop)/ TV Eye who are killing it-  Shout outs to them for hosting real sick shows and showcasing our scene so well this summer. I do miss Baby’s All Right

Bigger venues- Music Hall and Bowery Ballroom are respectfully king – (if I can include Manhattan.) 

SONNY: My favorite venue in the city will always be Rockwood Music Hall, that is home to me I’ve played there since the month they opened and it’s been the venue for so many epic shows and incredible nights. Recently we played at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn and the scene there was incredible, so many music fans and good drinks. I’ll definitely be going back there. 

SEAN B: Our Wicked Lady.

SEAN M: Prospect Park Bandshell! During the summer you can’t beat it, free outdoor shows in the beautiful foliage! Check out BRIC’s “Celebrate Brooklyn.” 

A lot of these are in Ridgewood which is Queens but it’s just on the Brooklyn Border, come visit!


BEAU: I don’t drink anymore but I love doggies. So Lucky Dog! some real prime wOOfers in there.. Rocka Rolla is also rad. I liked The Levee a lot back in the day…. Always blasting Motörhead with drunk peeps throwing lil’ cheezy poofs everywhere hahaha. 

SONNY: The High Dive in Park Slope was my local bar for about 15 years, the bartenders are no nonsense, the music is always good and the bathrooms are big enough to get into trouble in. 

SEAN B: Jimbo Slims

SEAN M: Windjammer. It’s my local dive bar and they got 5 dollar beer and shot combo, plus they do dope local music in the back. 


BEAU: My local bodega Tio Grocery is always megalit on Rockaway avenue. Shout outs! Cute deli cat too.

SEAN M: New Dreamland. Once again, my local. This spot is more like a Polish grocery store. People do there whole grocery shopping here cause it’s so legit. they even got Kimchi from Poland, which I find kinda amazing. Good for the European candies and snacks too. 

SEAN B: Big Boy

SONNY: Every bodega that’s open late and has a good beer/ice cream selection is great by me. There’s one on 5th Ave and Sackett (I think) that makes an amazing chicken parm and the cashier always fucks with the drunk people who come in late. 


BEAU: Saraghina in Bed-Stuy is the best vibes and pies ! Also-The Cowboy Slice from Vinnie’s in Williamsburg is uberdope. But! Manhattan: would have to be Mimi’s Pizza kitchen (RIP), Prince Street Pizza and Scarr’s Pizza

SEAN B: Paulie Gee’s 

SEAN M: Johnny’s Pizza! Sorry but you gotta go to Mount Vernon for the best pizza that’s just how it is. I’ve never been to Lucali but whatever. 

SONNY: John’s Pizza on Bleecker St is the best in NYC, fight me! Get a plain pie, well done, with garlic and thank me later. They kept me alive my first year in NY and I’m loyal to them til death. 


BEAU: I’m a Nespresso owner/chugger but shout outs to my local spot Daily Press coffee in Ocean Hill / Bedstuy area.

SEAN B: Oslo Coffee Roasters 

SONNY: I make my own cold brew, but if I’m out and about, a good strong cup of bodega coffee always gets you going. Extra points if they offer oat milk!

SEAN M: Topos– This is really a used book store which makes the coffee even better. Though it’s always the same barista who knows how to pull some damn espresso, he’s super nice and well read.  I usually make my coffee at home so this is kind of an experience for me.


SEAN B: Morgan L 

BEAU: I’ll say Morgan L too cause there’s mega sick graffiti around there…. Also – recommended- Ever play the game ”who’s getting off at Bedford Avenue?” On the L train?  It’s sooo funny. 

SONNY: Uh… whatever is close, has a train coming and doesn’t smell like pee in the morning. Also anything that doesn’t require an elevator or is hotter than a Florida swamp in the summer. 


BEAU: Although it’s a rare thing for me nothing beats a bacon egg and cheese ( Dead Ass bruh) Favorite spot tho?  Had some amazing eggs benny at Buttermilk Channel in Red Hook recently.

SONNY: BEC with Hot Sauce. Don’t fuck around. Sometimes I go without cheese but nothing can get you going, fix a hangover, or make your day better than that. The hot sauce is a secret weapon that only NYers know about. My favorite brunch spot right now is Henry’s Public, they have really cool looking outdoor seating and they always bring water for my dog. The food is great and they’ll give you a coffee to go if you ask nicely. 


BEAU: Fort Tilden- The beach baby ! Haha. Beach is my park. 

SEAN B: McGolrick Park

SONNY: Brooklyn Bridge park gives you the best view of the city and the Brooklyn Flea is nearby on Sunday. It’s basically a perfect spot. Also the Brooklyn Promenade is magic, the whole neighborhood is from another world and again the views there are stupidly good.  You can walk the Promenade to this wooden bridge to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Basically a perfect day. 

SEAN M: Martinez Playground.  When I’m not making music or teaching lessons I love to skateboard, you can see some serious talent at this spot. Check it out even if you don’t skate.


BEAU: Hometown BBQ is incredible. Had some friends from Georgia say it was the best they’ve ever had (agreed )which says a lot. Also!  Aurora in Williamsburg is amazing. Especially for a hot date….. Beautiful Italian! Lovely outdoor garden type dining area.  Feels like I’m there, a bit more authentic. Peaches HotHouse in Bedstuy is amazing. 

SEAN B: hanon 

SONNY: Hmmm that’s a hard one. Scottadito in Park Slope is ridiculous as is Bogota in the same neighborhood.I could eat at those two places for the rest of my life and be happy. Special occasion place is St. Anselm in Williamsburg. It’s the best steak I’ve ever had, everything is delicious there! 


BEAU: I’m not so much of a crate-digger , more of a specific record hunter- so I use Discogs for certain pressings I may have missed. Hate to simp- but Rough Trade in BK was a great venue and easy record store to grab something cool when it dropped – or a classic.  RIP.

SONNY: I haven’t been in a great record shop in a while. I will say my favorite guitar store is TR Crandall on Ludlow St, they have great stuff and a smart staff. Tom (the owner) is a legend. Also Retrofret, and Rivington Guitars, and Rudy’s in Soho, and Southside Guitars, and Main Drag. We really need to support our local shops. 

SEAN B: Rough Trade (rip)


SEAN B: Pickle juice 

SEAN M: Most sinful things will do. I suppose liquid magnesium is a good hack too, if you’re healthy. 

SONNY: Green Gatorade, BEC, Berocca (Australian secret) and if possible jump in the ocean. Nothing cures a hangover better than a good swim. 

BEAU: Sobriety is my cure all!   But for others- Go to a steam room and sweat out the demons… Also, Sonny is right, even though I’m sober- I feel reborn after an ocean swim fa sho.


SONNY: Custom jewelry and amazing vintage stuff go to Thea Grant Designs in Dumbo, I go there so much I have a ring design named after me, The Sonny, it’s amazing! Best bookstore is PowerHouse Books. Best tacos are from the taco truck outside of Berlin in the LES. Best dirty metal bar with dancers is Lucky 13. Best place to redecorate your house is Big Reuse, they have everything, even things you didn’t realize you needed until you bought it. Best key lime pie is from that place in Red Hook by the water. Best bbq is Fletcher’s. Best place to find lost Manhattanites and tourists is The Barclays Center, feel free to rob them, they need a good ‘I went to Brooklyn this one time…’ story. 

Best band is Brooklyn, Damn Jackals! They also have the best drummer. 

BEAU: I love Bands Do BK! Thanks for being a beacon of light!  Best Clothing/ vintage / leather in New York City is The Cast/ The Nightshift. 72 Orchard Street go there now! Best tacos: Taquiera Al Pastor in Bushwick .

Also if you’re looking for a SICK SHOW come to The Broadway on Friday August 27th with Radiant reveries, Damn Jackals, Dark Tunnels, and Bad Vacation. [Tickets here!]

Ciao! Xoxo 


Follow the band at @damnjackalsnyc, buy their music on Bandcamp and add their songs to your Spotify playlists!

Photo (provided by the band): Merissa Blitz

Video directed by Brendan McKnight

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