WHO: The Sharp Shadows

SEEKING: “I’m looking for a new rhythm section (bass + drums) who want to go at this with fire and skill. Currently looking to get back to practicing/gigging in town, but ultimately would like to do another record and potentially more as time/money allows.”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “Energetic powerpop/punk trio that’s existed in various forms since landing in Brooklyn in 2012. Our last record came out on Dadstache Records in 2018 and is called Lessons. Definitely sums up where we’ve been. Where we’re headed next is the real question I’d like to answer.

FFO: The Jam, The Police, Husker Du, The Beatles”

DETAILS: “I’m looking for full-on collaborators for this. I write all the songs, but they always sound their best with people who bring creativity and drive to the table and aren’t just there to hang out. A few musts and a few ‘nice to haves’:


– Be able to sing backing vocals/harmonies.

– Move on stage and throw yourself into the performance.

– Have time/schedule flexibility to take this seriously within reason. No band jugglers, please.

Nice to Haves:

– Bassists – I love a nice thick P-bass tone. No bias if you don’t but they sound so awesome.

– Drummers – I love me some song-forward filling. Play to the tune, but give it personality and drive. And honestly, if you can do it like this, you have my attention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpAEonVeaAE

LISTEN: On Bandcamp

CONTACT: DMs to @stevejamsecono or emails to baileystephenl [@] gmail.com


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