The debut single from the BK grunge/punk band is “a fuck you to all men who have disrespected women on the streets”


As a woman, you deal with a lot of shit you didn’t sign up for.

I’m not referencing the political or the economical or the anatomical—misogynistic policies, pay gaps and periods (though, for the record: ALSO NOT GREAT).

Instead this particular post (and song, hang tight) is about the everyday annoyance that is the catcall—a gross assault on the body, mind and mood and an act of violence delivered by disrespectful dudes while you’re simply walking down the sidewalk or through the grocery store and minding your own damn business.

To not be able to pass a man or group of men without experiencing some degree of discomfort and apprehension—quickly contemplating whether it’s a better move to hold your head up or look down at your phone; to avoid eye contact or confidently stare right back; to ignore anything that’s yelled or whispered or whistled as you walk by or throw a middle finger and shout right back—is not only exhausting, it’s enraging. And it’s the latter, the rage sparked by this invasive act, that’s beautifully (and furiously) expressed by Brooklyn band Bad Static with their killer debut single, “Peach”—a show of defiance and straight-up threat in song form that I’m thrilled to share is out everywhere TODAY!

Doubt fuck with me ill bruise you like a peach // Skull bound // Hell hound // Body never found //Don’t fuck with me // I’ll bruise you like a peach.

A female-fronted punk/grunge group formed in 2021, “Bad Static wants to make music about feminism, queerness, and metaphysical aspects in the world around us,” and ahead of the drop of their ferocious “fuck you” of a debut, lead singer and guitarist Nicol Maciejewska sent over the following description of the song:

“‘Peach’ is a song about fighting against catcalling. As a woman, dealing with unsolicited attention has always made me feel uncomfortable. ‘Peach’ is a fuck you to all men who have disrespected women on the streets.”

It should go without saying, but the real world is not field, nor runway nor stage. We’re not professional athletes or models or Dancing With the Stars contestants, and you, bro on bench, are not a judge or an announcer. Women’s actions, bodies and outfits don’t require commentary, we’re certainly not interested in a conversation and, I assure you, we definitely do not want any “compliments.”

So with that, I’ll leave you all with a simple set of instructions regarding this topic + this (very good) track:

Creepy men: Shut up.

Everyone else: Turn it up.

And stay tuned for more from Bad Static—hopefully coming our way soon.


Follow Bad Static at @badstaticband, snag their music on Bandcamp and add the band to your Spotify playlists!

Feature image (provided by the band): Max D’amico 

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