lyric video premiere: “dancing company” from Otto Botté (ft. emma clayE)

With his new track, the NYC-based Colombian producer, singer-songwriter and sound engineer is “through flirtiness and sensuality looking to portray the beauty in human connection”


Earlier this week, I experienced my first real show in 14 months. Vax cards were flashed, masks were shed, “six feet” as a specific measurement was totally irrelevant, and for the first time—as the bands ran into the crowd and leapt into the audience’s sweaty outstretched arms—it felt like we were finally, truly back to normal.

But of course, it wasn’t just the music that made it memorable.

What really hit that evening, more than anything, was the instant return of things that were always standard and then suddenly, for the last year or so, totally taboo: the experience of standing shoulder to shoulder with old acquaintances; the sensation of a stranger’s bare arm grazing yours; the feeling when the lips of your flirtiest friend “accidentally” brush your ear lobe as they lean in to tell a joke or share a secret. 

It’s like we’ve reverted to Victorian (or whatever) times when ankles were risqué and collar bones were pretty much pornographic. In other words, the smallest and most innocent of actions now feel absolutely amazing, even erotic.

And that’s just the start.

After more than a year of being pent-up and totally touch-starved, we’re about to go all-in on a sensory buffet. To shake hands, kiss faces, wrap our arms around necks and waists and connect in the most human of ways— physically, emotionally and, finally, 100% sans screen. It’s set to be a citywide reunion, IRL in every regard. And just in time for what’s sure to be the hottest of summers (you’ve seen the memes!), I’m stoked to share the sexiest of songs.

From NYC producer, singer-songwriter and sound engineer Otto Botté, this is the irresistable, hip-shaking new single, “Dancing Company”—the lyric video for which I’m thrilled to premiere here!

In “Dancing Company,” the Grammy-nominated Colombian artist seamlessly switches between singing in English and Spanish, exploring not just the sensual side of intimacy but also its spiritual importance—the potential to connect with a higher power through our relations with other humans.

(Meanwhile, the captions offer both lyrics and their translations, making it simultaneously the ideal vehicle for DIY karaoke and the world’s danciest Duolingo lesson. Seriously: I dare you not to move.)

Following the release of the song and ahead of today’s lyric video premiere, Otto shared some background on the new single, which features his friend and collaborator, actress, singer and songwriter Emma Claye.

“This song has freed me to express my unfiltered version, through flirtiness and sensuality looking to portray the beauty in human connection, whether it’s instant and led by sounds or when it’s intimate and sensed through smells. I see God reflected in our ability to connect with each other in community and relationships. My friend Emma was the one that brought in the line, ‘losing myself to the sound, feeling you watching me now.’ I thought that was brilliant and locked in perfectly with everything I was feeling and wanted to share, it was kismet. This single is the title track of the EP and I’m very excited to see where it’ll take us next.”

Emma was also kind enough to contribute her take on the track: 

“I think ‘Dancing Company’ is what we all kind of need right now. A feel-good vibe to counter all the negativity and darkness we’ve been facing over the last year. The collaboration was fun and easy and I hope it won’t be our last!”

Otto Botté is set to drop his five-track debut EP, Dancing Company, Vol. I, this July.

Stay tuned for more from the artist as this summer his songs serve as the soundtrack for our triumphant, joyful return to the world—and, best of all, to each other.

See you on the dance floor~


Follow Otto at @otto_botte, buy his music on Bandcamp and add his songs to your Spotify playlists now!

Feature image provided by the artist.

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