NYC’s most supernatural supergroup—originally formed for a film— debuts their first two ~killer~ tracks


Hide-and-seek of horror? Meh.

Tug-o-terror? Nahhh.

Blood-red rover? Getting warmer….

Murder Tag… well, NOW WE’RE TALKING!

This isn’t a deranged playground game; it’s a band name. And half a year since the trio’s Halloween 2020 inception—and a few months since its members began posting tidbits and teasers—I’m thrilled to be the first to present the debut release from new NYC supernatural supergroup Murder Tag!

When it comes to Brooklyn resumes, this band’s got a rad one. Murder Tag‘s local-star-studded lineup consists of Mike Borchardt of Nihiloceros and Treads (guitar + backing vocals), Stephanie Gunther of Desert Sharks (bass + vocals), and Carlo Minchillo of The Planes, Glass Slipper and the Brooklyn Drum Collective (on drums, naturally). And then there are the other diabolical brains behind the operation: Brooklyn photographer and filmmaker Jen Meller, whose horror flick inspired the band’s inception as the artists and actors, led by Carlo, came together to score the sinister soundtrack.

Now you’ve got the cast. And because every terrifying tale requires an origin story, Murder Tag sent along some brief background on the band’s birth and the cinematic roots of their macabre melodies and ~blood-curdling~ beats:

“Jen Meller made a horror movie. Carlo Minchillo had a crazy idea and a few spooky riffs. Stephanie Gunther and Mike Borchardt were in for the ride and so they hopped aboard. Somewhere along the way, Araw Conrad and Jeff Berner joined our little gang, and made everything sound amazing. And that’s the story of Murder Tag.” 

Stay tuned for the flick to see whether that story has a happy ending.

In the meantime, check out the songs above before the single’s release tomorrow on Brooklyn Drum Collective Records. Listen/share/scare away—


Follow Murder Tag at @murdertagband and buy the single on Bandcamp!

Feature image (provided by the band): Jen Meller

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