Step into the “Low Serotonin Kitchen” via the vid for the NYC band’s “anthemic bop for the homebound depressive”


Get dressed (break out the Batman snuggy), whip up some breakfast (microwave leftover lo mein) and make your commute (crawl to the couch), because the snap-crackle-power-pop pros of NYC rock band the Hell Yeah Babies have crafted the perfect theme song for staying home and being sad, which—quite fittingly for today—starts off with “Hungover on Thursday…”

And now, even better, there’s a video for it.

With that, I’m stoked—or as stoked as one can be, while lying in the fetal position with the shades shuttered— to premiere the brand-new video for the band’s newest song, “Mexican Coke,” a day before it drops everywhere tomorrow!

I first fell in love with The Hell Yeah Babies watching their FLTV performance and interview back in December, which was around the same time that “Mexican Coke” came out and the band sent me the song + some info on it over email:

“Composed mainly by Sam Paxton (Co-Vocalist, Guitar), ‘Mexican Coke’ is an anthemic bop for the homebound depressive. Bonding Paxton’s bedroom-pop honesty with raucous 70’s-rock instrumentation from Mike Pfeiffer (Co-Vocalist, Guitar), Dylan Roth (Co-Vocalist, Bass) and Julian Ames (Drums & Percussion), ‘Mexican Coke’ bubbles to the point of overflowing with bittersweet goodness. The Hell Yeah Babies would like to apologize about the ‘bubbling’ pun.”

(I should’ve told them they should never apologize for puns.)

While it may be a song about being bummed, The Hell Yeah Babies manage to make everything fun, and the music video for “Mexican Coke” is no exception. Step into the Low Serotonin Kitchen, where the recipes // coping mechanisms rapidly progress—or digress—from the delicious (Agave My Heart Away: coke + tequila + lemon, served in a Transformers slurpee cup) to the depressing (old Chinese takeout for breakfast) to the maaaaybe kinda dangerous (Four Loko + cigarettes, on an empty stomach).

“What can I dooooo? All my friends are starting to get their shit together…” the band laments via lyrics.

But at least they’ve “got a Mexican Coke and unlimited porn”—which doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend a weekend, to be honest.

I won’t spoil the entire video for you—it’s a truly delightful watch that you’ve just got to experience for yourself—but I will recommend marking your cal for 4/9 for the next ‘I Want My HYB’—a monthly Twitch program put on by the band that I last described as an “MTV-esque talk show // variety show // Zoom party you wouldn’t fake sick to get out of, featuring music videos and special guests (+ the internet gods only know what other antics).”

So with that, I’m going to crack open an ice-cold Mexican Coke, and leave you to YouTube…

And then, maybe to Pornhub. Much like with puns, I promise this is a judgement-free space.


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Feature image (provided by the band): Jade McDonnough

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