The rad track is the third in a series of new solo singles from the Brooklyn artist, and a taste of what you can expect in 2021


There are a lot of ways I could kick off a piece on Alex Chappo.

I could write about how, back when I lived in Austin and had a car and still, like, knew how to drive, I used to disrupt all of downtown blasting CHAPPO’s “Come Home”—from 2012’s Moonwater—and later “I Don’t Need the Sun”—from 2015’s Future Former Self—on my daily commute from home to work (to the Whole Foods wine bar).

I could mention how in 2014, also in Austin, I saw the band indoors at Stubb’s and mid-performance, and as he was grabbing onto a bar on the ceiling, suspended over audience members’ outstretched arms, Alex was cut off mid-chorus by the sound guy warning him, in big buzzkill form, that “if you do that again, you’re done, bro.” (A review I just found of that show called Alex “an eccentric and unpredictable character.” On brand!)

Or, as a third option, I could kick off with the epic CHAPPO set I caught at Music Hall of Williamsburg in 2018, the year the band released “White Noise” and “Cry on Me”), after which I dumped what was probably a full pound of confetti out of my bra in the bathroom.

And WHOOPS! I guess I just did all of those things! But that’s enough livin’ in the paaast, maaaan. The point here is this: I AM A CHAPPO FAN, and almost a decade after my first intro to the band via the hip, underground music discovery method that is XM Radio, I am bustin’ at the bloggin’ seeeeeams to premiere the third (and my favorite) in a three-part series of new singles from the artist behind the project, ahead of tomorrow’s wide release—

This is “BrokenHearted.”