The new track from the Ridgewood baroque-rock band offers a taste of their upcoming debut EP ‘Crescent,’ which “explore[s] themes of greek mythology, historical dissonance, and rhapsodical grief”


As a former third-grade weirdo who brought a massive mythology book to school every day and had a very large statue of Athena perched on a desk, presiding over her bedroom, at home, I very much appreciate the Greeks’ ability to explain the mysteries of the earth while making them extremely entertaining.

As a current… um, not-quite-third-grade… weirdo who is obviously obsessed with music, I’m thrilled by Ridgewood baroque rock band Moon Hound‘s ability to translate one of the most poetic of these ancient myths into what can best be described as a damn good song.

For those unfamiliar with the story of Persephone, the NYC group offers the following synopsis:

“The myth deals with the kidnapping of Persephone by Hades, god of the Underworld. While she’s missing her mother, Demeter, Goddess of the harvest, plunges the world into a cold famine. Persephone is found and granted freedom but it’s conditional; since she ate 6 seeds of a pomegranate grown in the underworld she returns to Hades for 6 months every year. While Persephone is with Hades each year Demeter is engulfed by grief, causing all plants to die and giving us our seasons.”

With today’s sun and bare ankle-friendly weather—and the undeniable accompanying energy—serving as a hopeful reminder that spring is on the def-not-distant horizon, this seasonal story couldn’t be better timed, and on that note, I’m thrilled to premiere the musical take on the classic myth—

This is “Persephone,” the brand-new release from Moon Hound!

“Persephone” is the first single off the band’s upcoming EP, Crescent, which drops on April 15th via Paper Moon Records.

“A fitting start to the EP, it’s uplifting and serene,” the band told me of the track over email, “and every time we listen back we’re drawn in by the hypnotic percussiveness.”

“Persephone” isn’t the artists’ first foray into Greek mythology. In fact, four of the band’s five members are also in Brooklyn indie-rock band Demeter—named for the aforementioned goddess—whose debut EP The Year of Goodbye last August. But for those unfamiliar with the subject, this story serves as a excellent intro (along with Disney’s Hercules, obviously) to a fascinating set of stories, while the song itself serves as an perfect preview of the interesting themes, and very sweet sounds, we can expect to be explored on Moon Hound’s forthcoming album—

Which, for the record, both third-grade and present-day—plus the Athena statue that may or may not still be hanging around somewhere in my apartment—me are very, very stoked for.


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Feature image (provided by the band): Sara Laufer

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