The video for the NYC rock duo’s new single is Western meets West Coast vibes, complete with a beachfront shoot-out featuring flowers and finger guns


Last I saw eclectic NYC rock band Cry Babi, we were tossing back Heinekens in the Radio Free Brooklyn booth in December 2019, talking Brooklyn, spinning CB songs and premiering their track “Spit Shine” via exclusive live acoustic performance (listen to the episode here!).

Now, over a year (ah!) later, I’m stoked to share the newest single from the band, and the accompanying, very beautifully shot video.

This is “Tangerine.”

“Tangerine in the sky baby, let’s go get it

Take me to the beach get high, let’s go get it…”

In the video, the “Hotel California”-reminiscent song is brought to life with Western-esque imagery meshed with more modern city elements as our cowboy-hatted hero treks—and is tracked—on the journey towards her destination. There, on a dreamy expanse of beach, the film culminates with a symbolic exchange and an artistic twist on the scene essential to any Western worth its salt: a shoot-out, naturally.

Ahead of this week’s release, Greg Henits and John Mahoney of the band sent me some info on the song and video, and what their mission is with this—and every Cry Babi—project:

“We want to relive what made us initially excited about rock ‘n’ roll. Our goal behind the creation of every Cry Babi song remains the same: to compose and produce a piece of music that quenches our own artistic thirsts, yet remains personable to others.”

The pair also sent over a description + set of instructions for getting in the proper mindset and ~mood~ before you press play—

“Imagine you are on a beach – or an undisturbed desert – or some surreal combination of the two. ‘Tangerine’ is all about imagery. Close your eyes and let the music take you away…”

With that, I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy—


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Feature image provided by the band.

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