The third single from the Brooklyn duo is an “unrushed, happy track” on the importance of patience, inspired by a mother’s advice for finding love (hint: there’s no use looking for it)


I already detailed the origins of my new favorite BK duo Almost Sex in the last BdBK post about the pair—probably remarking that some people (them) find love on dating apps, some (also them) find bandmates and others (mostly me) just develop carpal tunnel.

But now, a couple months later, I’m pumped to move on from the musical meet-cute and focus instead on the band’s impressive present with the premiere of their very good third single, “Rest Up”—out everywhere TODAY!

This song immediately feels more reminiscent of the band’s excellent laid-back debut (“Knockoff”) than their sexy, electro-fused second track (“Charmer”), with the scales tipping in a folkier direction—like the band had escaped the city and found inspiration more middle-of-nowhere than Midtown… somewhere greener than, like, Greenpoint.

And after hearing the story behind “Rest Up”—kindly sent over by lovely Almost Sex lyricist H.W. Lasota—the slower pace and stripped-down simplicity actually makes perfect sense, as she and bandmate/partner Nick Louis recently left Brooklyn for a bit to hang with family, write some music and find a little space and solace.

“Spending time in the town where I grew up (particularly over the holidays and in a time of general longing for ‘simpler times’) had both of us feeling nostalgic,” she told me over email. “These feelings, paired with the minimal collection of live instruments we had chosen for the demo, really made ‘Rest Up’ what it is. When Nick started whistling the melody over the slow bouncing guitar, I made a small joke about Woody’s Roundup, before crafting the narrative for the lyrics.’

In describing the song, the artist also recalled her mother’s words of wisdom, touching on the way she and Nick eventually connected in the early days of quarantine, and how this journey is reflected in the lyrics that she wrote to pair with his instrumentals:

“Like many parents raising a slightly cynical hopeless romantic, my mom had always said the person of my dreams could be right around the corner and that searching wouldn’t help, which really ended up applying to the way that Nick and I met last year.

‘Rest Up’ imagines a similar conversation between a parent and child. “Rest Up” is an unrushed, happy track, and for us, the way it was recorded highlights the message of patience and independence that usually only seems to make sense in hindsight.”

So if you’re feeling a tad… frustrated… in the whole looking-for-love life arena, remember that good things come to wait (including, on that note, the upcoming Almost Sex EP!)—

And in the meantime, hey, at least you’ve got some new music to listen to.


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Feature image provided by the band.

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